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PUBLISHER: TrendForce | PRODUCT CODE: 945488

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PUBLISHER: TrendForce | PRODUCT CODE: 945488

DRAMeXchange Market Intelligence Service - Mobile Package

PUBLISHED: annual subscription
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USD 9500

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Mobile Package

Mobile Package Service covers as below :

Mobile Contract Price Update

Mobile DRAM Contract Price Quarterly Update; eMMC/UFS Contract Price Quarterly Update.

(Publish time: The end of Jan., Apr., July, Oct.)

Mobile Quarterly Datasheet

Quarterly Mobile DRAM and Mobile NAND Flash latest market supply/demand update.

(Publish time: The end of Feb., May, Aug., Nov.)

Mobile DRAM Quarterly Research Report

(Publish time: The end of Feb., May, Aug., Nov.)

Mobile DRAM

Research ScopeDescription
DRAM Worldwide Supply Update
  • DRAM Makers' DRAM Revenue & Mobile DRAM Revenue
  • DRAM Makers Quarterly Mobile DRAM Revenue Ranking
  • Mobile DRAM Quarterly Product Mix on Output
  • Mobile DRAM Quarterly Output
  • Mobile DRAM Output by Product (Package)
  • Mobile DRAM Output by Product (Generation)
  • Mobile DRAM Output by Product (Density)
  • Mobile DRAM Technology Breakdown by Company
DRAM Worldwide Demand Update
  • Mobile DRAM Demand - Application Production Volume
  • Mobile DRAM Demand - Application Content
  • Mobile DRAM Demand - WW Smartphone Production Volume
  • Mobile DRAM Demand - China Smartphone Production Volume
  • Worldwide Top 10 Branded Smartphone Production Volume
DRAM Market Forecast
  • Mobile DRAM Price Forecast
DRAM Supply v.s. Demand Sufficiency Analysis
  • Worldwide Mobile DRAM Market Supply/Demand Analysis & Forecast

Mobile NAND Flash

Research ScopeDescription
eMMC Market Status
  • Architecture Breakdown
  • Interface Breakdown
  • eMMC/UFS Market Revenue Review and Forecast
  • MLC-eMMC & UFS Average Selling Price
  • eMMC Shipment
eMMC Application
  • eMMC Consumption by Application
  • eMMC Consumption by Density
  • Smartphone in eMMC
  • Media Tablet in eMMC
  • Smart TV in eMMC
  • E-Reader in eMMC
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