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PUBLISHER: Teal Group Corporation | PRODUCT CODE: 1059986

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PUBLISHER: Teal Group Corporation | PRODUCT CODE: 1059986

Business Aircraft Briefing: Status and Outlook of the World's Business Aircraft and Engines Market

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Authored by Richard Aboulafia and Bill Storey, Teal Group's Business Aircraft Briefing is a continually updated information service consisting of reports that track the status and outlook of the world's business aircraft and engines market. The reports are drawn from Teal Group's “World Military & Civil Aircraft Briefing” and “World Power Systems Briefing: Aero Gas Turbines”.

The global business aircraft market remains dynamic with substantial opportunities for suppliers and customers. Aircraft variants and their associated engines are designed to meet the needs of demanding customers that expect tremendous value for their money.


Teal Group's Briefing takes a comprehensive view of the market. First, we look at the market and where it is headed. Second is our assessment of the manufacturers and new product development prospects. Third is our forecast, including assumptions and segment details. Finally, there's our quantitative market forecast, which covers all turbofan and turboprop business aircraft, and the associated engines.

Teal Group presents its analysis and forecast by class of aircraft:

  • 1. Very Light
  • 2. Entry Level
  • 3. Mid-Sized
  • 4. Super Mid-Sized
  • 5. Large
  • 6. Very Large
  • 7. Ultra
  • 8. Jetliners/ Regional Jets
  • 9. Turboprops
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