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WAN Market Size Report

Published: annual subscription | TeleGeography

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WAN Market Size Report
Published: annual subscription
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The WAN is evolving at warp speed.

Carriers, vendors, and enterprise IT infrastructure teams need to understand how these changes will affect the business of telecom. That's where our latest report on the modern WAN market comes in.

Our Market Size Model

Our WAN market size model presents individual market sizes for key elements of the corporate network broken out by geography.

To do this, we approached this market sizing effort with a bottom-up methodology-not a top-down one.

We based our market size on a model created from data in our WAN Manager Survey as well as WAN pricing reports that inform our WAN Cost Benchmark service.

The simplest enterprise telecom market sizing method- and for high-level numbers, the most accurate-would go through 10-K forms and annual reports from global telecommunications companies for enterprise market earnings.

This top-down approach can only be as granular as the vendor reporting.

Given some of the data we already had on hand, we instead broke out market sizes by product segment and geography.

This allowed us to understand not just the global opportunity in enterprise telecom, but also:

  • limit the analysis to larger enterprises with a clear definition of employee counts and revenue;
  • focus directly on the components of the WAN (not ancillary enterprise services such as mobile plans and IT outsourcing); and
  • track how individual products and services like MPLS IPVPN and DIA contribute to the total market size.

The Analysis

This product explores:

  • The total range of global WAN revenues across hundreds of runs of our model
  • The contribution of each product to the total WAN market size including:
    • MPLS port revenue
    • DIA port revenue
    • Local access revenue
    • Business broadband revenue
    • SD-WAN revenue
  • Separate WAN market revenue data for nine geographic regions
  • Results broken out both by product revenue and geographic region