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Data Centre Research Service

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Data Centre Research Service
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The number one tool for understanding data centers, network storage, and the nature of interconnection.

  • Want to better understand the competitive landscape in locations of interest?
  • Looking for a bigger perspective of developments in key markets?
  • Need access to a comprehensive dataset to answer challenging questions?

TeleGeography's online ‘Data Center Research Service’ is your answer.


TeleGeography's Interactive Colocation Map depicts over 4,000 active data centers.

  • Search by country, metro area, city, building address, operator, internet exchange, or bandwidth provider
  • Select a building to view its address and information about the sites present


Our pricing data includes 32 major metro areas delivered in an Excel workbook that converts prices from local currencies into USD.

It provides the following charting tools:

  • Comparisons of standard (4 kw) and high-density (10 kw) price per kilowatt and large-scale retail (100 kw) price per kilowatt for retail colocation cabinets by operator + metro area
  • Comparisons of cross-connect connectivity prices (fiber, Ethernet, and copper) by operator + metro area
  • Comparisons of cabinet installation rates by operator + metro area
  • An interactive total cost of ownership model, which illustrates changes in the combined cost of power, space, connectivity, and cabinet installation by operator + metro area
  • Data tables presenting comparisons of low, median, average, and high prices by metro area
  • Interactive charts that compare price changes over time


Site profiles include:

  • Operator contact details
  • Megawatt capacity
  • Links to interactive maps
  • Gross and usable floor space
  • Listings of carriers and IXs connected to the site
  • More


This subscription comes with analysis of global data center market trends.

It includes insight on capacity development in key metro areas and comprehensive analysis on major retail operators. Users will also find sortable tables and graphic representations of TeleGeography's colocation data in this section.

Data Center Research Service:

This subscription includes:

  • Interactive map depicting over 4,000 active data centers
  • Colocation pricing workbook, which includes 32 major metro areas and converts prices from local currencies into USD
  • Data center site profiles, including operator contact details, megawatt capacity, floor space, and vital details about the site ecosystem
  • Analysis of global data center market trends compiled from 1,500 site surveys
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