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PUBLISHER: TechSci Research | PRODUCT CODE: 825435

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PUBLISHER: TechSci Research | PRODUCT CODE: 825435

TechSci Research Annual Subscription Package

PUBLISHED: annual subscription

Please contact us using the inquiry form for pricing information.

Scope of Report

Typically, the scope of report developed by TechSci includes market sizing data. historical and five years forecast ; market size & shares Value for product segments, regional split of the market, key growth levers, trends & developments, regulatory aspects, competitive landscape & company profiles etc for a particular market.

Report Delivery

The market intelligence report selected by the client of GII will be delivered in PDF format along with excel market data sheet bot h downloadable from TechSci's Online Portal Advantages.


  • Deep Discount: Each report will cost significantly lesser with discount as high as 82 % on the total purchase amount when purchased through Subscription Model as compared to the total list price of individual reports.
  • Greater Choice: Flexibility to select from existing repository ( 80 % of total number of reports as per subscription package) and forthcoming ( 20 % ) as per the client's requirement during the subscription package validity period.
  • Report Update: From the existing repository, the client also has an option to get an updated report for 20 % of the total number of reports based on the subscription package purchased.
  • Customized Access: The client will get convenient access of all selected reports on specifically designed online portal.
  • Longer Post - Sales Service: Validity of post sales service will be for One Year from the start date of subscription


Subscription Package Login Process:

  • On order confirmation, the login credentials for TechSci Research's Online Reports Portal will be shared with the client.
  • The login credentials can be used by the authorized users suggested by the client to download the desired report(s) that are a part of the subscription package.

Home Page:

  • The product/service related report(s), which are required by the client, can be accessed upon successful login on the online portal.
  • A list of report will be listed on this page with complete report title, comprising of Geography, specific product/service market, brief of product/service segmentation, and year range of the report.
  • To search the reports on the Online Portal, and use filters on left side of the homepage, to choose product/service segments and geography.

Report Page:

  • The details of the report, chosen in the previous step, will be showcased on this page.
  • The report description will comprise of Report Brief, Table of Contents, and List of Figures & Tables (in case of published report).
  • The report's PDF can be downloaded via download button, as shown on the upper right part of the snapshot.
  • Also, the respective report's data in spreadsheet formatcan also be downloaded from the Download Excel Datasheet icon.
  • Apart from the above options, for any clarifications or concerns, the client can raise an email query by accessing “Speak to Analyst”
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