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PUBLISHER: Analysys Mason | PRODUCT CODE: 1492709

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PUBLISHER: Analysys Mason | PRODUCT CODE: 1492709

Using AI to Enable a Radical but Deployable Radio Platform

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"An AI-native, radically redesigned air interface would address the commercial shortcomings of 5G."

This report analyses the current and future development of the 5G Advanced and putative 6G radio platform, especially in relation to the potential AI-native air interface.

It examines the challenges that MNOs currently face when using 5G radio that is not optimised for the emerging cloud-native RAN environment and does not support radical new use cases and economics.

The report also assesses how new collaborations between various stakeholders could help to address these challenges and produce an AI-native radio platform that would support new business models without imposing a capex-heavy 'big bang' upgrade on MNOs.

Key questions answered in this report:

  • What are the primary shortcomings of the current 5G radio in supporting operator revenue growth and how can they be addressed?
  • What is the industry progress towards new waveforms and how could these enable new user experiences and revenue?
  • How can the cloud and RAN ecosystems collaborate more effectively to reduce the trade-offs between vRAN and advanced radios?
  • What impact could an AI-native air interface have on the performance and commercial success of a future RAN, and what are the main challenges?

Author Profile:

Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, expert in network and cloud strategies and architecture.

Caroline leads Analysys Mason's Networks and Cloud research practices, as well as leading many 5G-related research activities across multiple programmes including Next-Generation Wireless Networks and Transport Network Strategies. She is responsible for building and running Analysys Mason's unique research base of mobile and converged operators worldwide.

She works directly with Analysys Mason's research clients to advise them on wireless network trends and market developments. She has been engaged in technology analysis, research and consulting for 30 years, and has focused entirely on mobile and wireless since 2002. Her focus is on critical issues and trends related to mobile and wireless infrastructure, particularly operator deployment intentions for 4G, 5G, virtualised RAN, end-to-end open networks and other technologies. She has led research and consulting projects with a wide range of clients, including mobile infrastructure vendors, large and start-up operators, regulators, trade bodies, government agencies and financial institutions.

Caroline co-founded Rethink Technology Research in 2002. Prior to that, she held various executive positions at VNU Business Publishing (then Europe's largest producer of technology-related B2B reports and publications). She holds an MA from the University of Oxford.

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