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Software-Defined Vehicles: Software Driving Digital Autos

PAGES: 45 Slides; 18 Tables & Graphs
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Learn about the big opportunities in “Software-Defined vehicles”, from the promising technologies and top innovation clusters to leading players and favourable markets.

Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) are the automotive industry's term to describe a new generation of vehicles which feature advanced technologies to be continuously updated on demand and enable true connected and automated driving.

Software is the answer to the Digitization of Auto Industry but delivery is still a challenge

The digitization of the Automotive Industry demands a shift to SDVs, but challenges remain:

  • Learn about top innovation clusters across major technological building blocks of SDVs:
    • 1. EE Architectures: Assess the roadmaps of leading carmakers and suppliers in the development of centralized architectures and their partnerships;
    • 2. CarOS: Learn about the rising adoption of Google's Android Automotive OS and the competitive offerings from MBUX and other players;
    • 3. Open-source software development
    • 4. Cloud: the emergence of automotive cloud as a key enabler for cloud-based ADAS development, development of offerings from carmakers and the role of Microsoft, Amazon among others;
    • 5. Over-the-Air-updates (OTA), and the opportunities for features-on-demand;
    • 6. Digital Twin
  • Understand the progress of regulation and how to overcome the challenges of continuous homologation and certification of new vehicle features through OTA updates;
  • Assess the strategies and capabilities of leading carmakers, suppliers and emerging start-ups;
  • Discover forecasts of adoption and scenarios for the evolution of competition.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • 1. What this report delivers
  • 2. Overview of key technological trends
  • 3. Top Opportunities
  • 4. Emerging start-ups to watch
  • 5. Favourable markets

2. Key Technology Trends driving Software-Defined Vehicles

  • 1. Role of Automotive Software
  • 2. Software development hurdles in the automobile sector
  • 3. Car OS
  • 4. Cloud
  • 5. OTA & mapping
  • 6. In-vehicle Networking / Ethernet
  • 7. Cyber Security
  • 8. AI
  • 9. Evolution of E/E Architecture for SDV
  • 10. Different approaches to the evolution of EE Architecture for SDV
    • 1. Outlook for EE
    • 2. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
    • 3. Limited number of technology providers & high degree of dependency
    • 4. Variant optimization
    • 5. Uncertainty over Vehicle Networking Medium
    • 6. SDV-Feature economics & Monetization
    • 7. Evolution of SDV maintenance: repair, SW, OTA, Cyber, batteries
  • 11. SDV and Sustainability

3. Player strategies

  • 3.1. APTIV
  • 3.2. Bosch
  • 3.3. Continental
  • 3.5. SAIC-SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

4. Regulation for continuous homologatioRn

  • 1. Relevant regulations.
  • 2. Standards

5. Forecasts: Mass market commercialisation

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