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Future of Electric Car Batteries and Hydrogen for Mass e-Mobility

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Electrification of passenger cars and commercial vehicles will play an important role on the journey towards a carbon neutral society. While batteries take central stage, hydrogen has the potential to be an important, safe, low-carbon transport fuel, particularly for heavy-duty transport such as trucks, buses and shipping.

This report examines the impact of technology and market forces to unveil the future of battery and hydrogen mobility.

  • Learn about innovative research to tackle technological challenges of cost, energy density, storage and infrastructure;
  • Understand the development of regulation and policy which could remove the barrier of developing infrastructure;
  • Assess the strategies of players to build strong position in future mobility.

"6.9 million EVs were sold in China in 2022, surging by 94% y-y, said CAAM."

  • NEV sales reached 2.5 million in China, vs. 1.1 million in Europe and 0.4m in the US in the first half of 2022.
  • Electric car penetration rose to 24% in China, vs. 20% in Europe and just 6% in the US;
  • Europe widens the gap compared to the US

China's new car sales rose by 3.4% to 10.4 million in H1 2022, but NEVs saw a 107% y-y increase. China's BEV & PHEV cars (New Energy) reached 24% market share in H1 2022, according to CAAM.

In Europe, ACEA reported that BEV penetration reached 12% while ICE's share dropped to 53.4% in Q1-Q3 2022. Electric car sales (BEV + PHEV) reached 1.7m, or 20.4% of the mix with HEVs accounting for 23.7%.


Table of Contents

1. Market Opportunity

  • 1. Market forces driving Battery and Hydrogen adoption
  • 2. Opportunities: technologies and business models

2. State of the art of electrification in passenger cars

  • 1. The State of the art in electrified mobility technology
  • 2. Emission regulation
  • 3. Requirements for Circular Autos

3. Future of ICE: phase-out or re-purpose?

  • 1. Diesel's future
  • 2. The evolution of emission treatment technologies
  • 3. Electrified ICE
  • 4. Hydrogen ICE

4. Innovation in Battery Tech for Sustainable Propulsion

  • 1. The evolution of battery energy density, cost per kWh by 2030
  • 2. Lithium-ion batteries
  • 3. Solid-state batteries
  • 4. Lithium-sulphur
  • 5. Other chemistries
  • 6. Electric vehicle battery chemistries
  • 7. Key research publications to improve battery energy density and other EV battery challenges

5. The future of Hydrogen for automotive

  • 1. Opportunities and challenges in Hydrogen fuel cells
  • 2. Innovation to overcome the key challenges in Hydrogen Mobility
  • 3. Green Hydrogen

6. Renewable Gas

7. Synthetic Biofuels

8. e-fuels

9. EV charging infrastructure

10. Player Strategy

  • 1. Fuel cell & battery strategy and technology by major players
  • 2. Go-to-market and favorable geographies
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