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PUBLISHER: BioInformatics | PRODUCT CODE: 1366641

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PUBLISHER: BioInformatics | PRODUCT CODE: 1366641

Benchmarking for 2023: Understanding the Life Science Customer Experience

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In today's fiercely competitive life science market, an effective and efficient customer experience is the key to success. It's a golden opportunity for suppliers to differentiate themselves and stand out in a crowded marketplace to expand their relationships with current customers, while building new relationships with prospective customers. As consumers continue to elevate their expectations, understanding customer experience beyond mere product performance and price enables suppliers to identify areas of improvement and pinpoint where competitors are leading the way.

To help suppliers better navigate the intricacies of customer experience in the life science industry, we designed a study to deliver actionable insights to suppliers looking to improve their customer experience strategy. The outcome is our newest report, “Benchmarking for 2023: Understanding the Life Science Customer Experience”.

This study offers in-depth analysis of the performance of 28 different suppliers across multiple years (2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) of customer experience benchmarking, allowing for analysis of how supplier strategies have shaped customer experience scores over time and how individual suppliers compare to their competitors over time.

In the 2023 edition, we asked 786 scientists to evaluate their experience with suppliers during specific touchpoints including the evaluation of products, selection and usage of products, and customer support after the sale. Two new attributes were added to the Product Selection touchpoint this year to probe satisfaction with product inventory, shipping updates, and on-time delivery.

The report includes a Tableau workbook and will allow you to:

  • Uncover and compare single and multi-year customer experience performances for 28 top-tier brands.
  • Explore the intricacies of customer experience at different touchpoints, single and multi-year trends.
  • Gain clarity on the relative significance of attributes that drive customer satisfaction across 28 brands.
  • Discern regional nuances in customer experience trends.
  • Track generational shifts in customer experience expectations.
  • Investigate how various employment sectors influence customer experience trends.

The Tableau workbook is fully interactive, and can be used to export charts for presentations, further research, or other needs. This will allow you to target your benchmarking to your customers. Want only to see YOUR company's information and survey responses and produce a report? You can do that. Want to compare your company against a few competitors? Use Tableau for this function.

A key tool for suppliers looking to gain a competitive edge, this report equips teams with the insights needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Study Objectives

  • Understand and compare single and multi-year customer experience performance for 28
  • Explore customer satisfaction on specific touchpoints associated with the pre-purchase experience, product experience, and post-purchase experience.
  • Understand the relative importance of specific attributes for customer experience.
  • Determine supplier rankings and long-term trends in customer experience since 2016.

Table of Contents (Topline Report)

  • 1. Study Overview and Objectives
  • 2. Executive Summary
  • 3. Demographics
  • 4. Life Science Supplier Rankings
  • 5. Navigating Tableau
  • 6. Methodology
  • 7. About Us

Table of Contents (Tableau)

  • 1. Customer Experience Profile
  • 2. Life Science Customer Experience
  • 3. Life Science Customer Experience Trended
  • 4. Touchpoint Performance
  • 5. Quadrant Analysis
  • 6. COVID-19 Impact (2020-2023)
  • 7. Additional Questions & Demographics
  • 8. Methodology

*Note: Trending is provided on most dashboards within the Tableau workbook for 2016-2023.

Companies Mentioned:

  • 1. Abcam
  • 2. Agilent Technologies
  • 3. ATCC
  • 4. BD Biosciences
  • 5. Beckman Coulter
  • 6. Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • 7. Bio-Techne
  • 8. Bruker
  • 9. Cell Signaling Technology
  • 10. Corning Life Sciences
  • 11. Cytiva
  • 12. Eppendorf
  • 13. IDT
  • 14. Illumina
  • 15. Leica
  • 16. MilliporeSigma/Merck
  • 17. New England Biolabs
  • 18. Promega
  • 19. QIAGEN
  • 20. Revvity
  • 21. Roche Molecular Systems
  • 22. Sartorius
  • 23. SCIEX
  • 24. Tecan
  • 25. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • 26. VWR
  • 27. Waters
  • 28. Zeiss

Ranked Touchpoints:

  • Product Awareness
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Selection
  • Product Integrity
  • Service Provided
  • Support Provided
  • Satisfaction and Loyalty
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