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PUBLISHER: BRG Building Solutions | PRODUCT CODE: 1344217

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PUBLISHER: BRG Building Solutions | PRODUCT CODE: 1344217

Germany Ventilation 2023

PAGES: 80 Pages
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“Germany Ventilation 2023 ” is the latest report from BRG Building Solutions, the specialist provider of market intelligence to the building products industry.

The report provides an in-depth analysis on key product categories including ventilation.

The report includes the monitoring of recent trend patterns and demand drivers, plus substantiated volume forecasts for the next 5 years.

Detailed information is also provided on market prices/values and competitor market shares, supported by additional data and analysis on end use, technical segmentations and routes to market.

The report was compiled based on BRG's proprietary research methodology, including primary and secondary research plus analysis by our internal experts, all assembled via our dedicated Enterprise database.

Product Code: DEVN2023

Table of Contents

1:Title Page


  • I.0:Introduction
  • I.1:About BRG
  • I.2:Methodology
  • I.3:Terminology
  • I.4:Product Scope and Definitions
  • I.5:EU Legislation: Ventilation
  • II.0:DE - Background
  • II.1:Background : Country Overview
  • II.2:Main Demographic Indicators
  • II.3:Main Macroeconomic Indicators
  • II.4:New Housing Completions
  • II.5:Dwelling Stock by Type and Tenure
  • III.0:DE - Distribution
  • III.1:Distribution : Sector Overview
    • III.2.1:Summary of Leading Distributors
    • III.2.2:Summary of Leading Buying Groups
  • 1.0:DE - Ventilation
  • 1.1:Ventilation : Market Sector Overview
  • 1.2:Historical Trends and Forecasts : Ventilation
    • 1.3.1:Prices and Market Values : Ventilation
    • 1.3.2:Prices and Market Values by Airflow Range
    • 1.4.1:End Use : Base Year
    • 1.4.2:End Use : Historical and Forecasts
    • 1.4.3:Type of Installation : Ventilation
    • 1.4.4:Type of Installation : Historical and Forecasts
    • 1.4.5:Technical Segmentation : Ventilation Only
    • 1.4.6:Technical Segmentation : Heat/Energy Recovery Vent
    • 1.4.7:Technical Segmentation : Heat Pump Ventilation
    • 1.4.8:Technical Segmentation : Air Handling Units
    • 1.4.9:Sales by Type : Air Handling Units
    • 1.5.1:Market Shares : Inline Duct Fans
    • 1.5.2:Market Shares : Roof Fans
    • 1.5.3:Market Shares : Unitary Fans
    • 1.5.4:Market Shares : Central Heat/Energy Recovery - All
    • 1.5.5:Market Shares : Central Heat/Energy Recovery - Res
    • 1.5.6:Market Shares : Central Heat/Energy Recovery - Com
    • 1.5.7:Market Shares : Local Heat/Energy Recovery
    • 1.5.8/9:Market Shares : LHRV - Shares By Type
    • 1.5.10:Market Shares : Heat Pump Ventilation
    • 1.5.11:Market Shares : Air Handling Units
    • 1.6.1/2:Distribution Flow : Ventilation Only
    • 1.6.3/4:Distribution Flow : Central Heat/Energy Recovery
    • 1.6.5/6:Distribution Flow : Local Heat/Energy Recovery
    • 1.6.7/8:Distribution Flow : Air Handling Units
  • 1.7:Market Revision : Ventilation
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