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Vitamin China E-News 1812

Published by CCM Data & Business Intelligence Product code 607204
Published 12 issues / year Content info 23 Pages
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Vitamin China E-News 1812
Published: 12 issues / year Content info: 23 Pages

Welcome to the Dec. Issue of Vitamins China E-News.

This newsletter will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire vitamin industry chain, from raw materials to end consumption. It includes breaking news from China and abroad, the latest market data (price, import & export, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.), in-depth analysis of market trends, and expert commentary from industry insiders.

Here is the Editor's Note for you to know about the Dec. issue specifically:

In Dec., vitamin A price increased, and then that of vitamin B2, B12, and folic acid followed. In the first half of Dec., vitamin A prices rose rapidly as a result of tight supply. Zhejiang NHU and Zhejiang Medicine suspended provision of quotations; BASF exported less to China.

Folic acid producers like Nantong Changhai raised their quotations, and as a result, the average ex-works price of it rebounded to USD40,000/t.

Updated information about new projects was revealed in Dec. They are the vitamin B1 and D2 project of Northeast Pharmaceutical, the vitamin B6 projects of NHU Fine Chemicals and Huaibei Zhongxiang, the vitamin feed additive project of Zhejiang Langbo, and the vitamin feed premix project of Fuwish.

Chinese government is now working to ensure a healthy pharmaceutical market by punishing heavily whoever monopolises the market and also reform the current system of purchasing medicine. Three producers of acetic acid were fined because they monopolised the market; in the 11 pilot cities under the new medicine purchasing system, the price of medicine was significantly reduced.

A breakthrough was made in the synthesis of vitamin B12 this month. A research team has realised de novo biosynthesis of vitamin B12 via metabolic engineering of E.coli. The new technology helps reduce costs but increase yield.

A piece of good news also came to CSPC Pharmaceutical. Its subsidiary Xinnuowei Pharmaceutical has eventually been approved to be listed.

Vitamins China E-News is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The subscription mode for this newsletter is yearly and the subscriber will receive 12 issues per year.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Editor's Note

Column 1 Governmental Direction

China is taking measures to regulate API prices

Column 2 Market Dynamics

Chinese scientists realise de novo biosynthesis of VB12 via metabolic engineering of E.coli

Column 3 Company Developments

Kindomway's subsidiary KUC finishes preferred stocks subscription

Northeast Pharmaceutical to build production lines for VB1 and VD2

Fuwish to have trial production in vitamin feed premix project (1st phase)

Update on Zhejiang Langbo's vitamin feed additive project

Northeast Pharmaceutical cancels its Fujin Biotechnology subsidiary

Column 4 Import and Export Analysis

Imports & exports of selected vitamins in China, Oct. 2018

China's VB1 export volume surges in Oct.

Column 5 Price Update

Ex-works prices of selected vitamins in China, Dec. 2018

VA prices keep rising in Dec.

Multiple folic acid producers raise quotations

Column 6 News in Brief

Guangji Pharmaceutical's subsidiary resumes production

North China Pharmaceutical's soft capsules pass BRC identification

Hebei Laixin raises VB12 quotations

NHU Fine Chemicals to have VB6 production capacity

Anhui Ruibang's animal nutrition additive workshop recognised by authorities

Shanghai Hegno raises quotations for VB2

Huaibei Zhongxiang scheduled to produce VB6 around next May

Hebei Yuxing slashes VB12 quotations

Xinnuowei Pharmaceutical approved to be listed

VA demand shrinks by 15 percent

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