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PUBLISHER: Daybreak Insights | PRODUCT CODE: 1472613

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PUBLISHER: Daybreak Insights | PRODUCT CODE: 1472613

Implications of Generative AI in Enterprise Chatbots

PAGES: 22 Pages
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Report Summary:

Chatbots are widely adopted across different industries and for various use cases due to their ability to engage leads and serve customers 24/7. With the advent of generative AI, the chatbot development process is undergoing a massive transformation.

We have leveraged our years of research and hands-on product trials of over 400 chatbot companies to distill the implications of generative AI to the industry in this market study.

This report presents the full set of generative AI features seen across enterprise chatbots, as well as their benefits to different chatbot user groups. We have also selected some notable chatbot companies and scored their generative AI capabilities.

Table of Contents

  • Industry Background & Introduction
  • Chatbot Building Process
  • Gen AI Benefits
  • Gen AI Feature Descriptions
  • Notable Companies
  • Limitations
  • Key Takeaways
  • Glossary of Terms
  • About Daybreak Insights
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