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PUBLISHER: Drone Industry Insights | PRODUCT CODE: 1386614

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PUBLISHER: Drone Industry Insights | PRODUCT CODE: 1386614

Drone Manufacturers Ranking 2023: Top Drone Manufacturers by Company Size, Development, Financials & Brand Awareness

PAGES: 51 Pages/Report; Database
DELIVERY TIME: 1-2 business days
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Get insights on the commercial drone market:

  • Rankings split into: civil drone manufacturers and dual-use drone manufacturers (commercial + military)
  • DJI continues to dominate civil drones, followed by Skydio, XAG, Parrot, and JOUAV
  • Insitu, takes the top spot for dual-use drones, followed by Schiebel, Edge Autonomy, Quantum Systems and IdeaForge
  • A combined 34/40 companies shifted position since 2022 within both of the top 20 rankings

Buy the full drone manufacturers ranking report to receive:

  • Full 51-page report, assessing of 450+ global drone manufacturing companies
  • Top 20 ranking for civil drone companies, and Top 20 for dual-use drone companies
  • Company Profiles for: Top 10 overall civilian drone manufacturers and Top 10 dual-use drone manufacturers
  • EXCLUSIVE: Database of 450+ manufacturers including product type, website, location, and founding year

Market commentary:

"DRONEII did a great job delivering an objetive report and database, which is exacly what I need." - Alex Xie, Dji.

"We use the Drone Market Report frequently as it helps us a lot in our internal decision-making process. It is difficult to find high-quality drone reports but DRONEII's report is reliable and is covering important factors." - Takanori Muto, Imaging Systems, Sony Semiconductors.

"The Drone Market Report has served us well and given a thoroughly foundation for our strategical direction with regards to drones." - Mats Mikalsen Kristensen, Vice President - Unmanned Andøya Space.

"Drone Industry Insights provides the most reliable intelligence on the drone industry !" - Andrew Scott, Managing Director - Investment Banking ThinkEquity.

"Drone Industry Insights has emerged as the leading reliable source of knowledge for the drone industry. We find their work very useful for their work in helping this amazing industry grow and mature." - Bentzion Lvinson, CEO & Co-Founder, Heven Drones.

"The Counter-Drone Report helped us to better understand the overall competitive landscape and the market dynamics. We value this information tremendously." - Jen Colton, VP Marketing, Fortem Technologies.

"The Drone Research Subsription allowed us to access DRONEII.com's comprehensive knowledge base to refine our business strategy and support us during critical decision-making. The quality of information is unique and the analyst support helped us to connect with strategically important players in the industry." - Cristoph Schlettig, CEO & Founder at UNISPHERE GmbH.

"The Counter-Drone Report 2020 helped us gain a deep understanding of the market. We frequently use its expert insights for strategic decision-making. A great and compact report we can only recommend !" - Peter Braun, Telespazio VEGA.

"With their comprehensive industry knowledge, Drone Industry Insights helped us proritize certain aspects of our strategic decision making. Their thorough understanding of the market is unique and we are happy to have them as a research partner." - Matt Dunlevy, CEO & Chairman at SkySkopes.

"The Drone Delivery Report provides a great overview of the state of the drone delivery and it's future potential. It's helped us to understand the key players, technologies and markets for our business. Especially, the software stack section is really interesting ! Not may people have dfined it this clearly yet". - Adam Klaptocz, Co-Founder and CEO, RigiTech.

"We found the report quite useful in terms of giving us revealing and trustworthy market figures for our analysis and we liked the overview of regulatory status by country a lot." - Alexander Schläpfer, Partner, Swisscom Ventures.

"Great insight into the trends associated with drone applications as well as illuminating examples, this report provided us with a great benchmark of commercial drones applications." - Berry Mulder, Robotics Centre of Excellence Leader, Shell.

"We prepare a review of investment opportunities for ourselves and our clients, investors and major global players, both in terms of assest valuation and in terms of market valuation. Your report has helped us a lot in understanding investment trends and I will be glad to continue cooperation with pleasure." - Yulia Leonova, Partnerat Meridian Capital Management.

"We appreciate the transparency and good structuring of the DRONELL reports. Thanks to them, we save a lot of time which we used to spend for inquiry in the past and at the same time we gain much more extensive data than before." - Malte Laas, Managing Director, allDots.

This DRONEII report provides the most comprehensive outline and analysis of the drone market. The top Drone Manufacturers Ranking is based on months of monitoring, research and analysis by our team. Moreover, the DRONEII ranking model was built based on years of experience in the commercial drone industry and an intimate understanding of the drone market. This model is based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) but especially-tailored to fit the drone industry in order to provide the best understanding of it.

DRONEII's Top Drone Manufacturers Ranking Model is based on a unique approach which (among other parameters) takes into account market shares, market activity and public attention to competitively compare drone service providers. As a result of this model, the rankings in this report are both comprehensive and reliable. They are a product of both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, and a look beyond the hype that drones have experienced over the years. As the drone industry has evolved, so has our market model.

The 51-page report contains the two Drone Manufacturer Rankings: Top 20 ranking for civil drones and Top 20 ranking for dual-use drone (commercial + military) manufacturers in the world. The rankings are summed up and analyzed, followed by company profiles of the Top 10 civil drone manufacturers as well as a top 10 ranking for dual-use drone manufacturers. The company profiles outline company partnerships, products and activities. Finally, this report also includes a .xlsx file with company information 450+ global companies. This file includes the raw data that is combined with our market model in order to derive the rankings.





  • 2.1. Research Methodology
  • 2.2. Scope Definition & Research Design
  • 2.3. Report Creation


  • 3.1. Drones: What Are They and What Can They Do?
  • 3.2. Drone Configurations
  • 3.3. Major Segments of The Drone Ecosystem
  • 3.4. Drone Application Methods
  • 3.5. Drone Market Industries and Use Cases
  • 3.6. Drone Market Observations

4. Drone Manufacturers

  • 4.1. Civil Drone Manufacturers
    • 4.1.1. Top 20 Ranking
    • 4.1.2. Civil Drone Manufacturers Matrix
    • 4.1.2. Top 10 Company Profiles
  • 4.2. Dual-use Drone Manufacturers
    • 4.2.1. Top 20 Ranking
    • 4.2.2. Dual-use Drone Manufacturers Matrix
    • 4.2.2. Top 10 Company Profiles



  • Chart 1: Drone technology stack
  • Chart 2: Drone configurations/designs
  • Chart 3: Drone hardware
  • Chart 4: Drone software
  • Chart 5: Drone services
  • Chart 6: Commercial drone market segmentation
  • Chart 7: Drone application methods
  • Chart 8: Assessment Process of civil platform manufacturers
  • Chart 9: Civil drone manufacturers matrix
  • Chart 10: Assessment process of dual-use platform manufacturers
  • Chart 11: Dual-use drone manufacturers matrix


  • Table 1: Commercial drone use cases across industries
  • Table 2: Top 20 civil drone manufacturers
  • Table 3: Top 20 dual-use drone manufacturers
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