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PUBLISHER: Freedonia Group | PRODUCT CODE: 1462250

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PUBLISHER: Freedonia Group | PRODUCT CODE: 1462250

US Flooring

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This study examines the US flooring market. Historical data (2012, 2017, and 2022) and forecasts for 2027 and 2032 are provided for flooring demand by product (nonresilient and resilient flooring, and carpets and rugs) and market (residential, commercial, and transportation.) Annual historical data and forecasts are also included from 2019 to 2026.

Flooring is segmented into:

nonresilient flooring

ceramic (e.g., glazed tiles, unglazed tiles, mosaic tile)

wood (solid wood and engineered wood)

laminate (e.g., high pressure, direct pressure)

other nonresilient flooring, including porcelain slab, bamboo, stone, engineered stone, glass, metal, and seamless

resilient flooring

vinyl (e.g., vinyl sheet, vinyl composition tile, luxury vinyl tile)

other resilient flooring (e.g., linoleum, cork, rubber, leather)

carpets and rugs

tufted (e.g., broadloom, carpet tiles, scatter rugs, artificial grass)

woven (e.g., Axminster, Wilton, velvet)

other carpets and rugs, including needlepunched, knotted, knitted, and braided

Flooring demand by market is presented for:

new residential construction

residential remodeling

new nonresidential construction

nonresidential remodeling

transportation equipment (motor vehicles, aircraft, boats and ships, recreational vehicles, rail)

Demand by product and market is presented in square foot terms, while demand totals are also presented in dollars. Demand in value terms is shown at the manufacturers' level and excludes distributor and retailer markups.

Relevant Harmonized System (HS) product codes, developed by the World Customs Organization, are provided here for reference.

Product Code: FG18644896

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Short-Term Analysis

Economic Forecast

Short-Term Construction Outlook

Short-Term Flooring Industry Trends

3. Overview

Study Scope

Historical Market Trends

Demand by Flooring Type

Demand by Market

Production & Foreign Trade

Inflation & Pricing Trends

Global Perspective

4. Factors Impacting Flooring Demand

Building Construction Outlook

Sustainability Initiatives

Recycled Content & Recycling

Renewable Resources

Deforestation Issues

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Technology & Innovation

5. Carpets & Rugs

Scope & Product Description

Demand by Production Process



Needlepunched & Other Carpets & Rugs

Demand by Market

Market Share

6. Resilient Flooring

Scope & Product Description

Product Types

Demand by Product

Vinyl Flooring

Other Resilient Flooring

Demand by Market

Market Share

7. Nonresilient Flooring

Scope & Product Description

Product Types

Demand by Product

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Wood Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Other Nonresilient Flooring

Demand by Market

Market Share

8. Residential Flooring

Market Scope

Market Outlook

New Construction

Replacement & Remodeling

Demand by Product

Housing Types

Demand by Housing Type

Single-Family Housing

Multifamily Housing

Consumer Insights

Recent Purchases of Flooring

Project v. Standalone Purchase

Buyers of the Flooring

Key Factors in Selecting Flooring

Carpets & Rugs

Hard Floors

Reason For Purchase

Carpets & Rugs

Hard Floors

Where the Flooring Was Purchased

Carpets & Rugs

Hard Floors

9. Commercial Flooring

Market Scope

Market Outlook

New Construction

Replacement & Remodeling

Demand by Product

Building Types

Demand by Building Type

Office, Retail, & Lodging



Other Commercial Buildings

10. Transportation

Market Scope

Demand by Product

Motor Vehicle Flooring

Other Transportation Equipment (Recreational, Aircraft, Ships, Trains)

11. Industry Structure

Key Findings & Industry Composition

Market Share

Mergers & Acquisitions

List of Industry Participants

12. Appendix

Report Details



Freedonia Methodology

Study-Specific Methodology

Data Changes from Previous Version


Associations & Agencies

Related Studies & Reports

Macroeconomic Assumptions

Economic Environment

Demographic Trends

Building Construction

Residential Building Construction

Residential Improvements & Repairs

Commercial Building Construction

Commercial Building Improvements & Repairs

Housing Completions

Housing Stock

List of Tables

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