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PUBLISHER: Frost & Sullivan | PRODUCT CODE: 1427036

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PUBLISHER: Frost & Sullivan | PRODUCT CODE: 1427036

Top 10 Growth Opportunities in Cloud, 2024

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AI Drives Enterprise Investment in Cloud Security, Infrastructure, Platforms, and Services

In the cloud market, as well as in most other technology markets, 2024 will be all about artificial intelligence (AI). Businesses across industries are scrambling to determine how they can leverage AI-and, particularly, generative AI-to meet their business goals. Public cloud providers are at the forefront of the effort to accelerate AI adoption among their customers, by developing foundational models and user-friendly toolsets. Also driving cloud market growth in 2024 will be integrated platforms to secure workloads and data more efficiently, and sophisticated edge-to-cloud platforms to support hybrid cloud workloads, including Internet of Things.

This annual report synthesizes Frost & Sullivan's analysis of primary data from cloud vendors, service providers, and buyers to determine the 10 most influential growth opportunities in 2024. These include enhanced opportunities for ongoing trends-such as security, edge compute, hybrid multicloud platforms, app modernization, industry clouds, and managed services. It also addresses fresh opportunities in less mature technologies and go-to-market strategies, including generative AI, data storage clouds, developer platforms, and partner programs.

Product Code: K9AA-72

Table of Contents

Top Growth Opportunities for 2024

  • Strategic Imperatives
  • Top 10 Growth Opportunities
  • Growth Opportunity 1: AI Services in the Public Cloud
  • Growth Opportunity 2: Cloud Security
  • Growth Opportunity 3: Edge Compute
  • Growth Opportunity 4: Partner Programs
  • Growth Opportunity 5: Hybrid and Multicloud Management Platforms
  • Growth Opportunity 6: Low-code Application Development Platforms
  • Growth Opportunity 7: App Modernization
  • Growth Opportunity 8: Data Storage Clouds
  • Growth Opportunity 9: Industry Clouds
  • Growth Opportunity 10: Managed Cloud Services
  • Next Steps
  • Legal Disclaimer
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