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PUBLISHER: GlobalData | PRODUCT CODE: 1422145

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PUBLISHER: GlobalData | PRODUCT CODE: 1422145

TrendSights Analysis 2023 - Digital Lifestyles

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"Digital Lifestyles" is one of the 63 sub-trends that GlobalData covers as part of our TrendSights series of Consumer Insight studies. The analysis covers what the trend is, why it is important, who is most influenced by it and how brands and manufacturers can capitalize. The research concludes by identifying where the trend is heading next and how long it will last.

Being digitally connected is heavily ingrained in consumers' daily lives, creating a deepening desire for instant gratification and a propensity to multitask. As technology becomes more accessible, the level of expectation for brands to harness digital platforms changes. In response, leading companies in the industry have adopted long-term strategies to create an omnichannel experience between on- and off-premise channels.


  • In foodservice, providers launch digital solutions to ease ordering on-premise and off-premise. Using technologies such as AI neural search and digital signage streamlines the ability to order on the go.
  • Beverage, beauty, and food companies are closely incorporating smartphone technology to aid in looking up products and virtual communication.
  • Brands also use smart features to offer new experiences when using a product (e.g. a Bluetooth-enabled bottle cap).

Reasons to Buy

  • Consider emerging opportunities and threats in the fast-moving consumer goods market and gain insight into potential future consumer behavior.
  • Identify interesting new and emerging concepts, products, and ideas on offer in retail, foodservice, online spaces, and beyond.
  • Understand how new concepts and ideas fit into-or challenge-current consumer trends.
  • Gain insight and inspiration for innovation programs and new product development.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. TrendSights: Digital Lifestyles

  • Trend Overview
  • What?
  • Why?
  • How?
  • What Next?

2. Appendix

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