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PUBLISHER: IAL Consultants - A Division of BRG | PRODUCT CODE: 1351223

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PUBLISHER: IAL Consultants - A Division of BRG | PRODUCT CODE: 1351223

PU Americas Coatings 2023

PAGES: 90 Pages
DELIVERY TIME: 1-2 business days
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“PU Americas Coatings 2023 ” is the latest report from IAL, a specialised data provider and research consultancy offering intelligence to the global chemical industry.

The report provides an in-depth analysis on key product categories including coatings.

Our market reports and online databases provide a cost-effective tool for strategic decision making, allowing our clients to monitor market metrics, trends and forecasts at a country, regional or global level.

All this data is offered in PDF report format and also through our complimentary interactive database, where clients are able to manipulate and extract the information to an Excel spreadsheet.

Unlimited users per subscription.

Product Code: AMSCO2023

Table of Contents

1:Title Page

  • 1.1:Introduction
  • 1.2:Indicative Formulations
  • 1.3:Abbreviations
  • 1.4:End-use Market Definitions
  • 2.1:Product Description
  • 3.1:Major Producers of PU Coatings - NA
  • 3.2:Major Producers of PU Coatings - SA
  • 4.1:Coatings Trends - Americas
  • 4.2:Growth in Production of Coatings
  • 4.3:PU Production by Type and Country - North America
  • 4.4:PU Production by Type & Country - South America
  • 4.5:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
  • 4.6:Forecast Raw Material Consumption
    • 5.1.1:Coatings Trends - North America
    • 5.1.2:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 5.1.3:PU Production by Type and Country
    • 5.1.4:Forecast PU Production by Type and Country
    • 5.1.5:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 5.1.6:Forecast Raw Material Consumption
    • 5.2.1:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 5.2.2:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 5.2.3:Forecast Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 5.3.1:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 5.3.2:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 5.3.3:Forecast Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 5.4.1:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 5.4.2:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 5.4.3:Forecast Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.1.1:Coatings Trends - South America
    • 6.1.2:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 6.1.3:PU Production by Type and Country
    • 6.1.4:Forecast PU Production by Type and Country
    • 6.1.5:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.1.6:Forecast Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.2.1:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 6.2.2:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.2.3:Forecast Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.3.1:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 6.3.2:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.3.3:Forecast Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.4.1:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 6.4.2:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.4.3:Forecast Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.5.1:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 6.5.2:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.5.3:Forecast Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.6.1:Growth in Production of Coatings
    • 6.6.2:Coatings Raw Material Consumption
    • 6.6.3:Forecast Coatings Raw Material Consumption
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