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Sovereign Clouds and the Digital Sovereignty Imperative: Europe's Quest for Digital Independence

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This IDC Market Perspective discusses digital sovereignty, which is becoming an important topic in Europe given legislation and judicial rulings that have come into force in recent years. While data sovereignty is now well established in Europe following the introduction of GDPR in 2018, IDC expects digital sovereignty to gain greater traction over the next few years and beyond, with sovereign clouds playing a key role. Data and cloud sovereignty are subsets of digital sovereignty, which expands the debate beyond data to entire architectures, processes, and operations. "Digital sovereignty is being driven by states and organizations that want to control their digital destinies and their data, particularly in light of recent EU rulings and legislation," said Rahiel Nasir, associate research director, European Cloud. "There are benefits to be had here. Adopting digital sovereignty principles can help enterprise organizations enhance operational resilience, make them more trustworthy, and place them in a stronger position to meet current and upcoming regulations, not just in the EU but also globally, thus opening up new markets."

Product Code: EUR149098122

Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • Europe Versus Data: Who's the Master, Who's the Slave?
    • The Expanding Role and Implications of Cloud for Data
      • Cloud Sovereignty in the U.K.
      • Cloud Sovereignty in France
      • Cloud Sovereignty in Germany
    • Data Sovereignty Complicates Cloud Strategies
    • The Growing Role of Sovereign Clouds
  • The Digital Sovereignty Imperative for Technology: Beyond Data and Cloud
    • Why Is Digital Sovereignty Important?
    • Whose Sovereignty Is It?
  • Digital Sovereignty in Action
    • Focus on Practical Value
    • Set Priorities Based on the Sovereignty "Stack"
  • Gaia-X: Enabling the Digital Imperative in Europe
    • Global and Future Relevance of Gaia-X

Advice for THOSE CONSIDERING Sovereign CLOUDS and Responding to DigItal Sovereignty DEvelopments

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