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Skills Needed to Make Latin America More Competitive in the Digital Era

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Digital skills are essential to grow and evolve professionally in the coming years, given that skilled professionals will be the ones reshaping the world. Nevertheless, getting there involves challenges for organizations and professionals. People must be open to changing their mindsets and adopting digital hard and soft skills to live and thrive in a new digital civilization. Companies must be open to training partners to create skilled communities passionate about collaborating for the business' growth."Organizations continue to face challenges related to the skills gap. CEOs must strive to achieve a balance between technology and business goals. In order to make informed IT buying decisions and leverage technology, it is essential to have skilled employees across the entire organization," Oscar Guzman, Manager Consulting Latin America Custom Solutions at IDC.

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Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

  • People Are Critical to Digital Business
  • Defining Foundational Digital Skills for IT Professionals
  • Cloud is a Mandatory Tool for Innovation
  • Digital Skills Gap Economic Impact in Latin America 2022 - 2026
  • IT and Digital Transformation Roles - 2022-2026
  • Demand for IT Professionals' Positions Versus IT Spending
  • Aligning Abilities to Create a Digital Business Skill Set Plan
  • Aligning Business Objectives with IT Skill Development Intentions
  • Digital Skill Development Use Case Framework
  • Defining a Skills Inventory
  • The Balance of Emerging and Essential Roles is Mandatory
  • IT/Digital Certifications
  • The Learning Path Development
    • Defining a Training Framework to Accelerate Innovation
  • Relevant Forerunners Defeating the Skills Gap in Latin America
    • Grupo Boticario (Uses Training to Increase Employee Engagement and Overhaul Digital Strategy)
      • Benefits
      • The Future
    • iFood (New Skills to Support Its Data-Driven Business and Meet Customer Needs)
      • Benefits
  • Advice for Enterprises, IT Professionals, and Key Actors in the Education Ecosystem

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  • Synopsis
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