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Achieving Organization's Sustainability Objectives with IoT and Operational Technology Services

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This IDC Market Perspective discusses achieving organization's sustainability objectives with IoT and operational technology services. Organizations are increasingly focusing on sustainability as one of the key focus areas, and next-generation digital technologies are constantly contributing to this agenda. When it comes to the role of operational technology and IoT services, it is not only limited to improving operational efficiency and improving process resiliency, but a lot has now been associated with enterprises' sustainability objectives and ESG goals. This document explores the use cases where operational technology and IoT services contribute to the organization's sustainability objectives while introspecting challenges that are evident from the proliferation of endpoints and increasing volume of data and how digital engineering and operational technology service providers can make, design, engineer, deploy, and manage OT and IoT services to address the prominent challenges."Operational technology and IoT services are contributing to an organization's sustainability objectives through use cases such as water management, energy/resource optimization, fault reduction, and avoidance of Scopes 2 and 3 emissions," said Abhishek Mukherjee, associate research manager, Worldwide Digital Engineering and Operational Technology Services. "Increasing breadth of IoT ecosystem and volume of data generated is expected to be challenging for organizations to manage. Here, engineering service providers are expected to play a key role in devising the OT and IoT solutions and services so that those can counter infrastructure and process-related challenges without adding to the carbon footprint," added Mukherjee.

Product Code: US49343123

Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • Contributing to Sustainable Initiatives - Use Cases
  • Carbon Emission Reporting and Role of IoT and OT Services
  • Case Studies Showcasing How IoT Solutions Are Contributing to Sustainability
    • Case Study 1: Carbon Performance Management for Achieving Net-Zero 2050 Goal for a Global CPG Company
      • Project Description, Solution, and Benefits
    • Case Study 2: Freight Carbon Emission Management for a Nordics Logistics Company
      • Project Description, Solution, and Benefits
    • Case Study 3: Building Digital Factory Solution and Addressing Sustainability for an Aircraft Engine OEM and MRO
      • Project Description, Solution, and Benefits
    • Case Study 4: IoT-Based Digital Energy Management Solution for a Pharma Company
      • Project Description, Solution, and Benefits
    • Case Study 5: Developing Smart Building Solution to Improve Operational Efficiency and Enhance Experience and Productivity of the Tenants
      • Project Description, Solution, and Benefits
  • IoT Solution and Services Challenges on Sustainability
  • Building IoT Ecosystem Challenges with Efficient Solution Engineering

Advice for the DEOT Services Providers

  • Evaluate the Sustainability Road Map of the Enterprises
  • Augment IoT Services with Next-Generation Digital Technologies
  • Showcase ROI from a Sustainability Focus
  • Focus on Collaboration with Partners and Contribute to Building Standards
  • Invest in the Talent Ecosystem

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