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Why Words Matter: A Future of Work Terminology Guide

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This IDC Perspective looks at both vendors and end-user organizations that can benefit from understanding the main definitions that could be involved in the Future of Work (FoW) terminology. The future of work is an enterprisewide imperative driven by senior executives and executive boards. It requires cross-functional leadership to establish the organizational readiness, policy readiness, and IT readiness needed to support hybrid work. Understanding the terminology can help readers evaluate whether similar components can be seen in their own future of work concepts, plans, and deployments. It should be used by readers to understand the structure, trends, and most talked about terms in the industry.Organizations are focused on the business and its mission. Employees work toward the organization's mission using a set of modern, modular, and intelligent technologies to gain more insights, make better decisions, and enhance the organization's performance. "As businesses and workers alike adapt to work transformation changes, it is important to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in FoW terminology and use this knowledge to inform strategic decision making and workforce planning," says Anu Mehta, Senior Research Analyst at IDC.

Product Code: US49961723

Situation Overview

  • Digital Transformation
  • Work Transformation
  • Types of Workers
    • Frontline Workers
    • Knowledge Workers
    • Gig Workers
  • IDC's Future of Work Framework
  • Pillars of IDC's FoW Thought Leadership Framework
    • Augmentation
      • Concepts Addressed by Augmentation
        • AI/ML Software
      • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
      • Digital Assistants/Digital Coworkers
      • Generative AI
      • Low-Code/No-Code Automation
      • Robotic Process Automation
    • Culture
      • Concepts Addressed by Work Culture
        • Empathetic Leadership
        • Employee Experience
        • Labor/Skills Shortages
        • Learning Management System
        • Reskilling/Upskilling
        • Talent Attraction and Development
        • Workforce Optimization
    • Space/Place
      • Concepts Addressed by Space/Place
        • Field Work
        • Flexible/Hybrid Work
        • Hotdesking
        • Intelligent Digital Workspaces
        • IT Service Management
        • Physical Workplace
        • Proximity Bias
        • Remote Work
        • Return to Office/Return to Facility/Return to Workplace
        • Tool Democratization
        • Technology Parity/Digital Parity
        • Unified Communications and Collaboration
        • Redesigning Physical Workplaces

Advice for Technology Leaders and managers

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