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European IoT Use Case Adoption Across Industries

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This IDC Market Perspective shares detailed research on IoT use case adoption and plans across several European industries. The research draws on data from IDC's European Cloud, Edge, and IoT Demand Survey, conducted in March 2023 among 700 organizations in multiple European Union countries. The survey formed part of the UNLOCK-CEI project, funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement number 101070571.The survey results show IoT and individual use case adoption across various European industries, including agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, passenger transport, and freight transport/logistics. It highlights the unique IoT use cases, benefits, and challenges in each industry. "The IoT market is composed of a variety of solutions addressing hundreds of individual use cases. This fragmentation of the market makes it challenging for technology suppliers to achieve sufficient scale, although repeatable end-to-end solutions and standardized horizontal components are key to driving market growth." - John Gole, IDC European IoT Lead.

Product Code: EUR147909821

Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • Introduction
  • Industry Dynamics
  • IoT Use Case Adoption
    • Agriculture Use Cases
      • Spotlight Use Cases
        • Asset Tracking and Monitoring
        • Equipment Automation
        • Precision Agriculture
    • Healthcare Use Cases
      • Spotlight Use Cases
        • Hospital Asset Tracking
        • Bedside Telemetry
        • AI-Assisted Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Manufacturing Use Cases
      • Spotlight Use Cases
        • Asset Monitoring and Maintenance
        • Automated Guided Vehicles and Robots
        • Visual Inspection and Quality Control
    • Transportation Use Cases
      • Passenger Transport Use Cases
      • Freight Transport Use Cases
      • Spotlight Use Cases
        • Fleet Tracking and Freight Monitoring
        • Autonomous Vehicles and Infrastructure
        • Port and Warehouse Automation
    • Utilities and Oil and Gas Use Cases
      • Spotlight Use Cases
        • Smart Grid
        • Drone-Based Observation
        • Employee Safety Monitoring

Advice for the Technology Supplier

Learn More

  • Related Research
  • Methodology
  • Synopsis
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