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IDC PlanScape: Cloud Professional Services

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This IDC PlanScape emphasizes the critical importance of cloud professional services for organizations navigating the complexities and opportunities of cloud computing. As cloud environments become increasingly integral to business operations, the need for specialized services to plan, implement, manage, and optimize these systems is undeniable. This study highlights that a significant portion of IT budgets is being allocated to cloud resources, underscoring the shift toward cloud services as the next IT delivery model. However, organizations face substantial challenges, including talent or capability gaps in data migration, cloud architecture, custom software development, and multicloud integration. These gaps underscore the necessity for external professional services to bridge the divide. This analysis further identifies a broad spectrum of stakeholders, beyond IT departments, including C-suite executives and other business roles, all of whom play pivotal roles in cloud services decisions. This document advises organizations to continuously assess and align their cloud service capabilities with business goals, considering both internal and external resources to fill existing gaps. It stresses the importance of not isolating cloud capability development within IT departments but instead integrating it with overall business strategies, regulatory compliance, and financial planning. Engaging with professional service providers is recommended for their expertise and broad market perspective. This approach ensures that organizations can effectively navigate the cloud landscape, enhancing competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability."Cloud - regardless of the type and combination - is now an established part of running organizations," says Erin Hichman, research manager, Digital Transformation Professional Services at IDC. "Periodic, or even continuous, analysis and monitoring of if, how, when, and where cloud is used are necessary to remain competitive, react quickly to market or strategy changes, maximize efficiency and cost optimization, and make strides in environmental sustainability goals. A reliable source for cloud services is now more of a requirement than a 'nice to have.'"

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Executive Summary

Why Are Cloud Professional Services Important?

What Are Cloud Professional Services?

Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

  • C-Suite
  • Technology Roles
  • Business Roles

How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Cloud Professional Services?

Advice for Technology Buyers

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