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PUBLISHER: MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute | PRODUCT CODE: 1452901

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PUBLISHER: MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute | PRODUCT CODE: 1452901

Evolution of Sales Models for Private 5G Networks: From Leading Japanese Local 5G Suppliers

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The commercialization of 5G has sparked considerable interest in the private 5G network market among suppliers. However, the adoption of private networks faces challenges, with cost being a significant barrier for businesses across different sectors. To address this, suppliers have introduced diverse sales models to cater to varying needs. In the evolving Japanese local 5G market, which has matured over three years, suppliers offer a spectrum of solutions with different sales approaches, ranging from outright purchases to subscription-based models. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the diverse sales models aligned with vertical-specific requirements. It delves into three major sales models currently adopted by local 5G suppliers in Japan and explores the future trajectory of private 5G network sales models.

Product Code: MCRPT24022101

Table of Contents

1. Diverse Private 5G Network Sales Models Based on Vertical Needs

  • 1.1 Private Network Adoption Involves Various Costs, Including CapEx and OpEx
  • 1.2 Initial Deployment Costs a Key Adoption Obstacle for Businesses in Different Verticals
  • 1.3 Suppliers Offer As-a-Service and Subscription Models to Reduce CapEx for Different Verticals

2. Diverse Sales Models from Japan’s Local 5G Suppliers

  • 2.1 Increased Applications and Demonstration Cases in Japan's Local 5G, with Diversifying Supplier Types
  • 2.2 Different Japan’s Local 5G Suppliers Offering Varied Sales Models
    • 2.2.1 Outright Purchase: Equipment Sales-oriented, Primarily Involving CapEx (e.g. Equipment Supplier Fujitsu)
    • 2.2.2 Combination of Outright Purchase and Operation
    • 2.2.3 Combination of Operation and Subscription
  • 2.3 Different Sales Models Offer Flexibility in Cost Amortization for Business of Different Verticals

3. MIC Perspective

  • 3.1 Suppliers Increase No-Capex Subscription Plans to Reduce Initial Deployment Costs
  • 3.2 Japanese Local 5G Suppliers Offer Diversified Sales Plans
  • 3.3 Convincing Businesses Private 5G Networks Can Create Benefits as a Primary Goal of Suppliers


  • List of Companies
Product Code: MCRPT24022101

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Pricing of NTT East’s Gigaraku 5G Solution
  • Table 2: Summary of Private 5G Network Sales Plans by Japanese Local 5G Suppliers

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Top Four Barriers for Enterprises Implementing Private 5G Networks
  • Figure 2: Cost Control Strategies and Cost Models for Private 5G Networks
  • Figure 3: Nokia’s Subscription-Based DAC PW Compact Private Network Solution
  • Figure 4: Trends in the Number of Japanese Local 5G Applications
  • Figure 5: Fujitsu PW300 Standard and Simplified Versions
  • Figure 6: NEC Sub 6 Starter Pack Structure
  • Figure 7: Private 5G Network Rental Services by SMFL Rental
  • Figure 8: Types of Private 5G Network Sales Plans by Japanese Local 5G Suppliers
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