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PUBLISHER: IMV Medical Information | PRODUCT CODE: 1443434

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PUBLISHER: IMV Medical Information | PRODUCT CODE: 1443434

2024 PET Imaging Market Summary Report

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PET imaging has grown over the past two decades to become a mainstay in the diagnosis and management of cancer patients. While oncology scans continue to comprise the majority of PET scans, new radiopharmaceuticals offer the promise of increasing the efficacy of PET imaging for cardiology and neurology.

IMV's “2024 PET Imaging Market Summary Report” monitors trends in PET scan utilization, the adoption of fixed PET scanners (e.g., PET-only, PET/CT, and PET/MR), the use of mobile PET services, purchase plans, and radiopharmaceutical use. Survey results are projected to the universe of facilities using PET, and the report addresses the PET unit market for 2024-2026.

Key Features

PET Scan Volume

  • What is the trend in PET scans performed from 2010-2023?
  • How many clinical PET imaging studies were conducted on fixed vs. mobile PET systems? What is the trend in use by hospital-based vs. independent non-hospital locations?
  • What is the current mix of PET scans by oncology, cardiology, and neurology clinical applications?
  • What is the anticipated PET imaging scan volume for 2024?

PET Equipment Installed Base and Purchase Plans

  • How many fixed PET-only, PET/CT, and PET/MR units are installed in the United States?
  • How many sites use mobile PET imaging services?
  • What is the installed base market share by manufacturer?
  • What is current and planned mix of PET/CTs, by number of CT slices and bore size?
  • What is the brand loyalty for future purchases?
  • What is the PET scanner unit forecast for 2024 to 2026?

Radiopharmaceuticals Utilization and Budgets

  • What is the supplier share for radiopharmaceuticals?
  • How many PET scans use Rb82, Pylarify, or Ga-68 Dotatate?
  • How much is spent on PET radiopharmaceuticals, per dose, per site, and in total?

Site Operations Characteristics

  • How many technologists, clerical, administrators, and radiopharmacists are employed per site?
  • How many PET imaging scans are performed per site? Per unit?
  • What are the typical operating hours of PET departments?
  • What physician types are the top referrers for PET scans?
  • What is typical waiting time for an outpatient PET study?

This “2024 PET Imaging Market Summary Report” summarizes the results from IMV Medical Information Division's 2023 PET Census of hospital and non-hospital facilities performing PET imaging in the United States. The universe of PET sites for this study is defined as any location where PET scans are performed using a fixed PET-only, fixed PET/CT, fixed PET/MR, or a PET-only or PET/CT scanner provided by a mobile van service. The responses from the 509 PET imaging professionals have been projected to IMV's identified universe of hospitals and imaging/PET centers that perform PET imaging using fixed or mobile PET equipment.

Product Code: 24-060

Table of Contents

  • 1. Background and Objectives
  • 2. Methodology
  • 3. Executive Summary
  • 4. PET Scan Volume
  • 5. Installed Base of PET Imaging Systems
  • 6. Purchase Plans for PET Imaging Systems
  • 7. PET Radiopharmaceutical Utilization and Budget
  • 8. PET Site Operations and Characteristics
  • 9. About IMV
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