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PUBLISHER: IMV Medical Information | PRODUCT CODE: 1460238

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PUBLISHER: IMV Medical Information | PRODUCT CODE: 1460238

2024 Nuclear Medicine Market Outlook Report

PAGES: 135 Pages
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IMV's "2024 Nuclear Medicine Market Outlook" examines nuclear medicine procedure volumes, purchase plans, and buying criteria for future nuclear medicine purchases. Learn how NM administrators feel about their department's future outlook and how they prioritize their goals in light of industry challenges. The report explores nuclear medicine market trends, including NM procedure volume, installed base features, use of OEM vs. third-party service providers, equipment purchase plans, radiopharmaceutical utilization/budgets, theranostics, and site operations characteristics. Survey results are projected to the identified universe of NM facilities, and the report provides market forecast scenarios for NM scanners for 2024-2026.

What you'll learn in this report:

Nuclear medicine department priorities and future outlook

  • What are the key department priorities for NM?
  • What factors will impact the outlook for NM the most?
  • What are the preferred info sources for future NM purchases?
  • What are the top-ranked preferred uses of AI for NM?

Nuclear medicine procedures

  • How has NM volume changed in 2024?
  • What is the trend in NM procedure mix by procedure type?

NM scanner installed base and purchase plans

  • How many fixed NM units are installed by site type?
  • What is the trend in installed base market share by vendor?
  • What is the adoption rate for key NM capabilities?
  • What is the anticipated age of NM units upon replacement?
  • What is the mix of new vs. refurbished NM scanners?
  • What type of service providers are NM sites using?
  • What is the brand loyalty of current NM users?
  • What are the key buying criteria for future NM scanners?
  • What is the unit forecast for NM scanners for 2024 to 2026?


  • What are the most common theranostics procedures?
  • Which radiopharmacueticals are utilized the most?

Site operations characteristics

  • How many technologists, nurses, administrators, imaging aides, and secretaries are employed in NM departments?
  • What % of sites & procedures use outside reading services
Product Code: 24-062

Table of Contents

01. Executive Summary

02. Methodology

03. Nuclear Medicine Department Priorities and Future Outlook

04. Nuclear Medicine Patient Study Volume

05. Radiopharmaceuticals and Pharmacological Stress Agents

06. Nuclear Medicine Camera Installed Base

07. Nuclear Medicine Camera Purchase Plans

08. Nuclear Medicine Department Site Operations

09. Appendix

10. About IMV

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