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PUBLISHER: Guidehouse Insights | PRODUCT CODE: 1453094

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PUBLISHER: Guidehouse Insights | PRODUCT CODE: 1453094

Mapping and Routing Advances Support the Transition to EVs and Automated Vehicles

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Mapping and routing services have been a staple in the auto industry for years, simplifying the driving experience for road users. As these services have advanced and become ubiquitous for vehicles everywhere, what they offer has become more extensive and comprehensive. Now, mapping and routing technologies stand as a prime enabler to EV and automated vehicle (AV) adoption, which has been accelerating over the past several years. For EVs, these services increase ease of use and alleviaterange anxiety. For AVs, mapping and routing are necessary technologies. This report discusses how these technologies developed and what features have been the key enablers for EV and AV development. The report provides detailed and actionable recommendations for EV and AV manufacturers as well as mapping and routing engine developers.

Product Code: SI-RMV-24

Table of Contents




EVs with ADAS Are Becoming the Standard LDV



Mapping and Routing Technology

EVs and AVs Require Specific Mapping and Routing Considerations

EV Mapping and Routing

Current Service Offerings

AV Mapping and Routing

Current Service Offerings

OEMs and Service Providers Need to Prepare for the Future

EV OEMs Should Make Mapping and Routing a Core Part of Their Service Offerings

LDV OEMs Should Be Creating HD Maps

Mapping and Routing Companies Need to Supplement Their Offerings

Product Code: SI-RMV-24

List of Figures

  • Annual LDV Deployment by ADAS Classification, 2023-2035
  • LDV Sales by Powertrain, World Markets: 2021-2035
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