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PUBLISHER: Guidehouse Insights | PRODUCT CODE: 1465594

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PUBLISHER: Guidehouse Insights | PRODUCT CODE: 1465594

Smart and Clean Tire Technologies

PAGES: 11 Pages; 4 Tables, Charts & Figures
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As the only connection to the road surface, tires are a critical component of on-road vehicles but have an unfair perception as a simple maintenance item. This stands to change as improving technology and increased scrutiny of environmental impacts bring greater attention to tires.

Sensors with greater fidelity and lower costs allow tires to play a larger role in advanced vehicle diagnostics and integrate with advanced driver assistance systems. This enables drivers and fleets to optimize their costs related to tires, safety, and efficiency and provides further insights into their operations. At the same time, tire manufacturers continue to develop tires made from increasing levels of sustainable materials, and greater focus on tire emissions has led to new regulations.

This Guidehouse Insight report discusses how technology advances are changing the role of tires in fleet operations and how the tire industry is improving the eco-friendliness of its products. It covers the current state of tire sensors and how they are used to optimize fleet operations; recent developments in tire emissions regulations; and developments in renewable and recycled tire material. The report also provides detailed and actionable recommendations for vehicle OEMs and fleet operators to take advantage of these developments.



Product Code: SI-SCTT-24

Table of Contents




Tires Are Getting Smarter

Tire Emissions Are Under Increased Scrutiny

Tires Are Becoming More Sustainable

Smart Tires Can Improve Costs but Add Complexity

Tire Regulation Will Increase

Tires Will Last Longer

Policies Can Promote Smarter and Greener Tires

Encourage Recycled and Renewable Content

Standardize TPMS and Related Sensors

Continue Studying the Impact of Tire Emissions

Promote Secondary Policies That Reduce Tire Wear

Product Code: SI-SCTT-24

List of Tables

Sample of Tire Manufacturer Sustainability Goals for Tire Materials by 2030

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