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PUBLISHER: Policy2050 LLC | PRODUCT CODE: 1294739

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PUBLISHER: Policy2050 LLC | PRODUCT CODE: 1294739

Innovations in Dietary Supplements: Brand Tactics and Consumer Trends (2023-2025)

PAGES: 62 Pages
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The report "Innovations in Dietary Supplements: Brand Tactics and Consumer Trends (2023-2025)" is approximately 16,000 words (62 pages). It provides an analysis of supplement brand tactics, followed by an overview of consumer trends and market dynamics.

Experts in dietary supplements, consumer packaged goods, and nutritional sciences participated in the primary research process of this report. Their insights could help the supplements industry and its investors to better align with current market conditions and public health goals.

This report will provide comprehensive answers to the following questions:

  • How are supplement startups using R&D and personalization to evolve categories?
  • How do strategic partnerships and acquisitions help to establish credibility?
  • What are some of the e-commerce tactics that disruptive supplement brands use?
  • What are some of the health/wellness consumer trends driving growth?
  • How could consumer skepticism and government regulation drive change?
  • What is the range of market size estimates for dietary supplements?


Global strategic overview.


A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes:

  • Bellway
  • Cuure
  • Doseology Sciences
  • GNC Holdings (General Nutrition Centers)
  • Momentous/Amp Human
  • Obvi
  • OK Capsule
  • Psyched Wellness
  • Ritual
Product Code: P2050SI1

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Dietary Supplements Innovation

  • 1.1. Key Benefits of This Report
  • 1.2. Target Audience
  • 1.3. Companies Mentioned in This Report
  • 1.4. Methodology
  • 1.5. Executive Summary

2. Brand Tactics in Supplement Categories

  • 2.1. R&D
  • 2.2. Personalization
  • 2.3. Establishing Credibility in New or Niche Categories
  • 2.4. Digital Brand Creation and E-commerce Tactics
  • 2.5. Strategic M&A

3. Consumer Trends in Supplement Categories

  • 3.1. Popular Categories and Growth Drivers
  • 3.2. Seasonal Usage
  • 3.3. Self-Optimization
  • 3.4. Consumer Skepticism and Government Regulation

4. Infographics: Innovations in Dietary Supplements

  • 4.1. Infographics: An Overview of Category Disruptors
  • 4.2. Infographics: Consumer Trends in the Supplements Category
  • 4.3. Infographics: Global Market Size and Growth Rates in Dietary Supplements
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