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PUBLISHER: Policy2050 LLC | PRODUCT CODE: 1294742

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PUBLISHER: Policy2050 LLC | PRODUCT CODE: 1294742

Smart Retail: Technologies and Trends Analysis (2022-2025)

PAGES: 95 Pages
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The "Smart Retail: Technologies and Trends Analysis (2022-2025)" report is approximately 25,000 words (95 pages). It establishes a strategic framework for smart retail adoption, then explores relevant technologies.

This report will provide comprehensive answers to the following key questions:

  • How are major retailers like Walmart approaching smart retail deployments?
  • How are smart retail startups approaching prospects and clients in retail?
  • How can retailers transform their cultures to encourage tech experimentation?
  • How can retailers use data to better understand consumers and curate inventory?
  • What are the opportunities and risks in this vast data ecosystem?
  • What are some of the technologies being used to generate new shopper experiences?


Global strategic overview.


Companies mentioned in this report include:

  • Amazon
  • Carrefour
  • Fantastic Framing
  • FutureProof Retail
  • Gap Inc.
  • Grabango
  • Meta
  • Mitto
  • Mobile High 5
  • NordVPN
  • NZ Technologies
  • Obsess
  • SES-imagotag
  • Splitit
  • Toli 360
  • Walmart
  • Yahoo
Product Code: P2050SR1

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Smart Retail

  • 1.1. Key Benefits of This Report
  • 1.2. Target Audience
  • 1.3. Companies Mentioned in This Report
  • 1.4. Methodology
  • 1.5. Executive Summary

2. A Strategic Framework for Smart Retail Adoption

  • 2.1. The Role of Digital Cultures in Product/Market Fit
  • 2.2. Organizational Change
  • 2.3. Digital Experiments and Metrics
  • 2.4. Using Data to Reverse-Engineer Consumer Preferences
  • 2.5. Using Data and Intuition to Curate Inventory and Support Retail Brands
  • 2.6. Managing the Relationship Between Content and Commerce
  • 2.7. The Data Ecosystem: Potential Conflicts of Interest Between Smart Retail Vendors and Retailers
  • 2.8. Smart Retail Pricing and Sales Strategies

3. Generating New Customer Experiences

  • 3.1. Growth in Smart Retail Hardware
  • 3.2. Smart Labels for Product Interactions
  • 3.3. Voice Commerce for Added Convenience
  • 3.4. Live Commerce for Inspired Sales
  • 3.5. Touchless Displays for a Time of Pandemics
  • 3.6. New Payment Options (BNPL) for New Purchase Behaviors
  • 3.7. AR/VR/MR to Inspire Sales and Reduce Return Rates

4. Smart Retail Infographics

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