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PUBLISHER: Paumanok Publications, Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1131729

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PUBLISHER: Paumanok Publications, Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1131729

Circuit Protection Components: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2022-2027

PAGES: 432 Pages; 109 Tables & Graphs
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This deep dive market study is a global market, technology and insights report that addresses the global market value and volume of consumption for electrical and electronic circuit protection components by type, end-use market segment and world region with forecasts to 2027.

The 432-page study contains 109 tables and graphs and takes a detail look at global circuit protection component markets for overvoltage and overcurrent production.


The report includes global value and volume of consumption for circuit protection components by type; world region, and end-use market segment, as well as historical value, volume and pricing trends by component type from 1993-2022 and forecasts to 2027. The five major technology platforms discussed in the report include silicon, ceramic, polymer, and metal. Silicon is the fundamental technology for Zener, SAD and Thyristor components; while ceramic is the key material for metal oxide varistors (ZnO), ceramic PTC thermistors, gas discharge tubes and solid matrix fuses while mixed metal alloy and oxide technologies are the platforms for power fuses and NTC Thermistors; while polymers are consumed in PPTC thermistor switches and Polymeric ESD Chips.


The study addresses demand by each type of circuit protection component by configuration i.e. chip, disc, axial, radial, array; SOT Package, DO Package, SOD Package, DFN; axial strap, valve block, ring, MELF; two-terminal, three terminal and probe assembly and exotic configurations; with detailed analysis of all major and minor vendors in the competitive landscape with detailed market share information for each sub-category.

  • Metal Oxide Varistors,
  • Zener Diodes,
  • Silicon Avalanche Diodes,
  • Thyristors,
  • Gas Discharge Tubes,
  • Polymeric ESD Suppressors
  • Fuses,
  • PTC thermistors, and
  • NTC thermistors.


Paumanok studies are rich with data based upon provenance and utility over 34 years of consistent research efforts in circuit protection. Due to the redundant nature of circuit protection solutions, involving multiple electronic components; many vendors endeavor to create portfolios of solutions that cater to multiple end markets. This study identifies these profit centers and the vendors who cater to them. Customer strategies of major players such as Littelfuse, Eaton, TDK, Vishay, Bourns and Thinking is to create broad product portfolios in overvoltage and overcurrent protection component solutions in the Power, Industrial and Automotive markets where they are in greatest demand.

Additional more complex strategies are identified in the report based upon focus on Automotive Electric Vehicle Propulsion; Industrial Automation, Power Transmission and Distribution; and High-Reliability sub-sets, or offer unique variations on component types that include vertical integration into probe assemblies, plug in modules, arresters, protectors, suppressors and cable connectors.


The study describes in detail the specific circuit applications that are targeted for specific circuit protection solutions, such as ESD suppression at I/O ports in digital electronics; power fuses and varistors for power transmission and distribution and power supplies; blade fuses and NTC assemblies for automobiles; and gas discharge tubes for high voltage protection of lines.

  • I/O Port Protection (ESD, Line Switching, Overcurrent)
  • Demarcation Protection (Overvoltage and Overcurrent, Lightning)
  • Industrial Motor and Drive Protection (Line Switching, Lightning)
  • Automotive ICE ECU Protection (ESD, Load Dump)
  • Automotive EVx Propulsion Protection (ESD, Load Dump)
  • Automotive ICL and Temperature Sensing (Current Limiting, Heat)
  • High Reliability Protection (High Voltage, High Frequency, High Temperature)


The study addresses markets and component technology demand from the key end-markets and addresses important changes occurring in large and important segments of infrastructure and automotive. The study offers individual end-market consumption estimates and forecasts for each type of overvoltage and overcurrent protection component included in the report.

  • Power Infrastructure (Fuse, Thyristor, Varistor, GDT)
  • Automotive ICE & EVx (Fuse, Varistor, SAD, Zener, PTC, NTC)
  • Wireless Handsets (Varistor, SAD, Zener)
  • Computers/Power Supply (Fuse, Varistor, PPTC, Polymeric ESD)
  • Line Voltage/Appliance/IOT Devices (Fuse, Varistor, PPTC, CPTC, NTC, Polymeric ESD)
  • High Reliability (Fuse, Varistor, Thyristor, SAD)


The study addresses circuit protection component consumption value, volume and ASP by country- including ten top consuming countries in Asia; five top consuming countries in Europe and four top consuming countries in the Americas.

  • China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Philippines
  • Germany, Hungary, France, Holland, UIK, Czech Repblic
  • USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil


The study contains producer profiles for 107 manufacturers of circuit protection components worldwide (See Table of Contents HERE). The study offers detailed analysis of market shares for overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection, and for each individual Circuit protection component market worldwide.


The study and has detailed forecasts with respect to global consumption for circuit protection components by type, end-market and world region through 2027.


The study offers insights to the reader about growth forecasts for circuit protection components by due to the movement to Electric Vehicle Propulsion and the need for charger, battery management system, converter and inverter solutions. The study also offers an outlook for specific overvoltage and overvoltage protection components consumed in infrastructure markets destined for growth due to global incentive programs. The study also focuses in on the area of high reliability circuit protection and offers a complete assessment of all vendors who compete in the narrow space providing high reliability circuit protection component solutions for defense, medical, oil & gas, instrumentation and space electronics for 2022.

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