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PUBLISHER: Paumanok Publications, Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1223539

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PUBLISHER: Paumanok Publications, Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1223539

Tantalum Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies and Opportunities: 2022-2027

PAGES: 169 Pages; 71 Tables & Graphs
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The study offers a detailed analysis of global consumption value, volume and ASPs for tantalum capacitors by type, configuration, size, region and end-use market segment with detailed for forecasts for each year from 2023 to 2027.

The 169-page study has 71 tables and graphs and is broken down into these sections and sub-chapters:

Tantalum Capacitor Technology Overview: 2023

The study begins with an overview of tantalum capacitor technology, including molded chip, coated chip, axial, radial, dipped, wet slug and dry-type asymmetrical configurations; manganese and polymer cathode type constructions; engineered powders and wire; porous anodes; circuit applications for bypass, decoupling, filtering and burst power; points of technology differentiation; including capacitance value per cubic centimeter of dielectric and volumetric efficiency; voltage handling capabilities, and capacitance value in an ultra-small case size.

Tantalum Capacitors: World Markets: 2023-2027

The study updates global value, volume and pricing for tantalum capacitors through 2022, with detailed forecasts through 2027. The study shows the impact of supply chain shortages, hyper-inflation and the pandemic on the market; as well as the longer-term historical markets documented by Paumanok in tantalum capacitor market studies going back decades. The study also offers a forecast based upon Paumanok's recognized ability to predict demand for capacitor products since 1988.

Tantalum Capacitors: World Markets by End-Use Segment: 2023-2027

The study offers a detailed analysis of the growth in demand for tantalum capacitors for applications in computers and solid-state disc drives; telecommunications infrastructure and networking; automotive electronics, including ICE Safety and EVx propulsion; industrial power electronics; consumer audio and video imaging; wireless handsets; and a detailed focus on high-reliability end markets where tantalum is preferred- defense and aerospace, medical technology; including implantable CRM devices; and oil & gas logging tools; with an analysis of recent consumption and forecasts for tantalum capacitor consumption to 2027.

Tantalum Capacitors: World Markets by Region and Country: 2023-2027

The study updates global value and volume of tantalum capacitor consumption by world region and key country with forecasts to 2027. The study forecasts tantalum capacitor consumption value and volume in South East Asia, Europe and The Americas. In South East Asia, Paumanok focuses on the larger tantalum capacitor markets in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and The Philippines; while the European market sector is focused on Germany and France, where tantalum capacitors are preferred; and the Americas where the focus of tantalum capacitor consumption is in the USA and Mexico.

Tantalum Capacitors: World Markets by Cathode System: 2023-2027

The study offers a detailed analysis of demand for tantalum capacitors based upon Ta205 capacitor cathode system, including manganese, which is consumed in high-reliability circuits where the known performance of manganese continues to drive demand; and growing demand for polymer cathode tantalum capacitors for applications where low equivalent series resistance is necessary for circuit performance, or where the solid-state construction of the polymer cathode is preferred for add circuit safety.

Tantalum Capacitors: M&A; Competitive Environment and Market Shares: 2022

The study updates the reader on mergers and acquisitions that have impacted the tantalum capacitor supply chain over time, creating a consolidated and narrow amount of manufacturers who still produce the product line. This also updates our independent market share data for tantalum capacitor manufacturers for 2022.

Paumanok also offers a detailed competitive analysis as to which manufacturers offer products that differentiate based upon case size, case construction, hybrid solution, AEC-Q200 Qualification, Mil-Spec, Fused, ultra-small case and multi-anode designs.

Tantalum Capacitor Market Forecasts: 2023-2027

Paumanok offers a detailed forecasts for tantalum capacitor consumption in the high-tech economy between 2023 and 207 based upon study of key consuming end markets such as computers, telecommunication, automotive, electric vehicle propulsion, medical technology, defense technology and oil & gas electronics. The study offers a detailed forecasts for global tantalum capacitor consumption based upon value forecasts, volume forecasts and pricing forecasts and makes a case for increased tantalum capacitor consumption in automotive EVx chargers, converters, inverters and battery management systems; high reliability circuits in medical, defense and oil & gas.

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