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PUBLISHER: Paumanok Publications, Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1386616

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PUBLISHER: Paumanok Publications, Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1386616

Ceramic Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies and Opportunities: 2023-2028

PAGES: 173 Pages; 92 Tables & Graphs; 33 Vendors
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This deep dive global market research study has been continuously published and updated over the past 35 years and chronicles all the key fundamentals of the global ceramic capacitor industry and its materials supply chain.

The study is a detailed analysis and forecast document in presentation style with easy to understand data, tables and graphs that show the development over the market over the past twenty years and the subsequent forecasts to 2028.

The deep dive market study on ceramic capacitors contains these key SECTIONS - a detailed analysis of the value, volume and pricing by world region and country for ceramic capacitors for forecasts to 2028; a detailed analysis of ceramic capacitor consumption by end-use market segment and forecasts to 2028. A detailed analysis of ceramic capacitor markets by type and configuration with detailed forecast for consumption based upon MLCC case size in the 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210 and larger case sizes, as well as MLCC, MLCC Leaded and SLC Disc and Thin Film Ceramic Chip formats. The study makes detailed forecasts on unit demand by case size by key product markets and forecasts these requirements by end-market to 2028. All major global manufacturers if ceramic capacitors are noted in the study including vendor information and market shares in key end market segments. Forecasts to 2028 are based upon technology changes in capacitance and voltage capabilities of MLCC; raw material cost assessments for dielectrics, electrodes and termination materials; demand by case size into key end markets and forecasts based upon region and key country to 2028.

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