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PUBLISHER: Paumanok Publications, Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1469336

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PUBLISHER: Paumanok Publications, Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1469336

MOV Metal Oxide Varistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2023-2028

PAGES: 161 Pages; 40 Tables & Graphs; 35 Producer Profiles
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This market research report covers the global market for metal oxide varistors including zinc oxide disc varistors, multilayered chip varistors (MLV), Zinc-oxide valve blocks for arresters and chip varistor arrays. Global market demand is shown in terms of value and volume based upon type (chip versus disc); application- ESD versus overvoltage protection; demand by end-use market segment in wireless handsets, automotive electronic subassemblies, industrial power electronics, line voltage equipment and lighting ballasts, and other consumer electronics markets. Market growth is shown by year in value and volume and by component configuration. Average selling prices and price erosion is also addressed over the past decade. The top manufacturers of metal oxide varistors are discussed, and sales and market shares are given for the known manufacturers. Includes Forecasts to 2028.


The study is 162 pages. 35 Producers. 40 Tables and Graphs.

Key Countries Discussed: China, Japan, Korea, USA, Germany/Austria.

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