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PUBLISHER: TrendForce | PRODUCT CODE: 1331426

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PUBLISHER: TrendForce | PRODUCT CODE: 1331426

Market for Automotive SiC Components Enjoys Soaring Growth as Evolution of New Energy Vehicles Gains Speed

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The automotive market is witnessing a surge of interest in silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices. Presently, SiC power devices still lag behind traditional silicon-based IGBTs in terms of cost and reliability. Nonetheless, nearly all automotive OEMs and tier-1 suppliers have either begun adopting SiC for the components used their electrified vehicle models, or they are developing related products. On the whole, the activities of OEMs and suppliers demonstrate the growing importance of SiC-related technologies within the automotive industry. In terms of applications, SiC power devices are mainly intended for the main traction inverter, onboard charger, DC/DC converter, and compressor within the HVAC system. In particular, SiC power devices are regarded as critical for the performance of the main traction inverter. SiC MOSFET is gradually replacing Si IGBT for the main traction inverters of the new energy vehicles (NEVs) belonging to the midrange and high-end segments.


1. Upgrading of NEV Platforms to 800V Has Contributed to Rapid Market Growth for SiC Automotive Components

2. Major Suppliers for Power Semiconductor Devices Are Focusing Their Investments on SiC and Sign LTAs with Carmakers

3. As Competition in Automotive Market Intensifies, Carmakers Have Become Deeply Involved in Designing SiC Modules and Developing Related Packaging Technologies

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