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PUBLISHER: TechSci Research | PRODUCT CODE: 1223995

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PUBLISHER: TechSci Research | PRODUCT CODE: 1223995

Vietnam Nuclear Imaging Equipment Market, By Type, By Application, By End User, By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2027

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  • Vietnam nuclear imaging equipment market is anticipated to register growth with an impressive CAGR in the forecast period, 2023-2027, on the account of increasing demands for diagnosing equipment for cancer and neurological disorders. Increasing instances of cancer among the population and increasing cases of neurological disorders mostly among the geriatric population of the country further anticipated driving the growth of the Vietnam nuclear imaging equipment market in the upcoming five years.

    Nuclear medicine is a specialized medical practice that is a specialization of radiology where radioactive materials are utilized to diagnose or identify abnormalities in the organ function or tissue function. Nuclear imaging utilizes a very small amount of radioactive material also known as radiotracer that is usually injected into the bloodstream, swallowed, or inhaled. Once the radiotracer reaches the target organ or target site the energy emission gets disrupted. This disruption in the emitted energy is read by the detector and images are formed. The energy emission is usually in the form of gamma rays. Due to the higher affinity of the radioactive materials, nuclear imaging has the advantage of identifying and diagnosing a disease in the early stage thus early and efficient treatment can be provided.

    Upsurged Demand For Nuclear Imaging Drives Market

    The higher prevalence of cancer and neurological disorders in the geriatric population is driving the growth of the Vietnam nuclear imaging equipment market in the upcoming five years. In the year 2020, the number of new cancer cases in the country was 98,916 males and 83,647 females. Also, recent year has seen a rise in the mortality rate among the population that has not even reached the age of 75 due to cancer, and thus the concerns regarding early diagnosis and effective treatment are aiding the growth of the Vietnam nuclear imaging equipment market in the next five years.

    Growing Investments Drive Market Growth

    Government of Vietnam is supporting the healthcare industry through financial assistance, foreign direct investments, and tax incentives. Increasing investment and financial aid are driving the growth of the medical device sectors in the upcoming five years. In 2019, Vietnam government had total healthcare expenses of approximately USD17 billion, which was 6.6% of the country's GDP. Moreover, Vietnam medical device like diagnostic imaging devices, nuclear imaging equipment, etc. supply is majorly dependent on imports from multinational companies outside the country. Lack of resources and advanced technologies with the local companies hinders domestic manufacturing of such medical devices and has given better prospects for the global giants to enter the market and support the growing demands from the patients for effective and early diagnosis.

    Market Segmentation

    The Vietnam nuclear imaging equipment market is segmented by type, application, end-user, competitional landscape, and regional distribution. Based on type, the market is differentiated between PET imaging systems and gamma camera imaging systems. Based on application, the market segment is bifurcated into oncology, cardiology, neurology, and others. Market segments based on end-user are further fragmented into hospitals & clinics, diagnostic imaging centers, and others. The market analysis also studies the regional segmentation to devise regional market segmentation, divided among Northern region, Central region, and the Southern region.

    Company Profile

    GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare Vietnam, Siemens Healthineers Vietnam, Canon Medical Systems Vietnam, and Neusoft Medical Systems Vietnam, among others, are a partial list of major market players of the companies responsible for the growth of Vietnam nuclear imaging equipment market.

    Report Scope:

    In this report, Vietnam nuclear imaging equipment market has been segmented into the following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below:

    • Vietnam Nuclear Imaging Equipment Market, By Type:

    PET Imaging Systems

    Gamma Camera Imaging Systems

    • Vietnam Nuclear Imaging Equipment Market, By Application:





    • Vietnam Nuclear Imaging Equipment Market, By End User:

    Hospitals & Clinics

    Diagnostic Imaging Centers


    • Vietnam Nuclear Imaging Equipment Market, By Region:

    Northern Region

    Central Region

    Southern Region

    Competitive Landscape

    Company Profiles: Detailed analysis of the major companies present in Vietnam nuclear imaging equipment market.

    Available Customizations:

    With the given market data, TechSci Research offers customizations according to a company's specific needs. The following customization options are available for the report:

    Company Information

    • Detailed analysis and profiling of additional market players (up to five).
    Product Code: 9528

    Table of Contents

    1. Product Overview

    2. Research Methodology

    3. Impact of COVID-19 on Vietnam Nuclear Imaging Equipment Market

    4. Executive Summary

    5. Voice of Customers

    6. Vietnam Nuclear Imaging Equipment Market Outlook

    • 6.1. Market Size & Forecast
      • 6.1.1. By Value
    • 6.2. Market Share & Forecast
      • 6.2.1. By Type (PET Imaging Systems, Gamma Camera Imaging Systems)
      • 6.2.2. By Application (Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Others)
      • 6.2.3. By End User (Hospitals & Clinics, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Others)
      • 6.2.4. By Region
      • 6.2.5. By Company (2021)
    • 6.3. Product Market Map

    7. Vietnam PET Imaging Systems Market Outlook

    • 7.1. Market Size & Forecast
      • 7.1.1. By Value
    • 7.2. Market Share & Forecast
      • 7.2.1. By Application
      • 7.2.2. By End Users

    8. Vietnam Gamma Camera Imaging Systems Market Outlook

    • 8.1. Market Size & Forecast
      • 8.1.1. By Value
    • 8.2. Market Share & Forecast
      • 8.2.1. By Application
      • 8.2.2. By End Users

    9. Market Dynamics

    • 9.1. Drivers
    • 9.2. Challenges

    10. Market Trends & Developments

    11. Policy & Regulatory Landscape

    12. Import-Export Analysis

    13. Vietnam Economic Profile

    14. Competitive Landscape

    • 14.1. Competition Outlook
    • 14.2. Company Profiles
      • 14.2.1. GE Healthcare
      • 14.2.2. Philips Healthcare Vietnam
      • 14.2.3. Siemens Healthineers Vietnam
      • 14.2.4. Canon Medical Systems Vietnam
      • 14.2.5. Neusoft Medical Systems Vietnam

    15. Strategic Recommendations

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