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Market Research Report - 231021

The World's Connector Companies (2 Volumes)

Published by Bishop & Associates, Inc.
Published Content info 905 Pages
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The World's Connector Companies (2 Volumes)
Published: September 30, 2011 Content info: 905 Pages


Bishop and Associates has just released a two volume, 905 page research report providing a one-source list of the world's electronic connector companies. This report is published annually to incorporate new companies, and update information relating to companies listed in the previous issue.

The report provides company name, address, phone, fax and website URL for the connector companies listed in the report. Company profiles include a description of the company, including products and trademarks, plant locations, sales by geographic region and sales by market.

Chapter 1: Company Profiles

Chapter 1 provides a profile on each company. This profile contains company location information, such as address, phone, fax and website URL, as well as a brief history of the company. Additionally, sales by geographical region and end-use market are provided when available. The profile also discusses the company's products, key management personnel, trademarks, brand names, plant locations, and any other information we believe assists in better understanding the company's business.

In some instances these profiles may not be complete. For example, we may have information about products, plant locations, etc, but not have sales data. Our intention is to include the sales information as it is obtained in subsequent updates.

Each annual update of the report will include the most current year sales data that is available. The year in which the sales were achieved is displayed in the table.

Chapter 2: Connector Company Listing

Chapter 2 provides an alphabetical listing of all the connector companies we have identified to date. The company name, address, phone and website URL is displayed, as well as parent company or affiliation.

Where an expanded profile is available for the company, the Chapter 1 page number will be referenced.

This section also lists major subsidiaries and companies associated by brand name.

Bishop & Associates will continue to add to this listing as new connector companies are identified. Additionally, we continue our research on these companies throughout the year, gather information and then include an expanded profile in Chapter 1.

Our approach to this research is to survey each company, requesting cooperation so that we might accurately profile their capabilities. Additionally, we review product catalogs, press releases, websites and interview key management personnel. Companies in "bold" are profiled in Chapter 1.

The 963 companies listed in Chapter 2, represent 883 different connector manufacturers residing in 28 different countries. As indicated by the chart below, all regions of the world are represented, with the greatest number, 257, residing in North America, followed closely by the Asia/Pacific region with 251 listings.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Volume 1

  • Chapter 1 - Connector Company Profiles A-I
  • Chapter 2 - Connector Company Listing

Volume 2

  • Chapter 1 - Connector Company Profiles J-Z
  • Chapter 2 - Connector Company Listing
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