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PUBLISHER: CCM Data & Business Intelligence | PRODUCT CODE: 316719

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PUBLISHER: CCM Data & Business Intelligence | PRODUCT CODE: 316719

Amino Acids China E-News

PUBLISHED: 12 issues / year
PAGES: 36 Pages
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In Oct., Starlake Bioscience again amended its acquisition proposal for Eppen Biotech and published a Q3 earnings forecast.

Recently, the production plant of Qinhuangdao Huaheng's beta-Alanine project was topped out; the company's "technical renovation and production expansion project of 5,000 t/a alanine (via fermentation method)" passed the post-completion environmental protection acceptance inspection.

China Starch's revenue for H1 2022 went up slightly by 2.0% YoY; its gross profit for H1 2022 surged by 84.5% YoY.

On 23 Sept., the EI report of Hubei Huntide's "project of technical upgrading for small molecular polypeptides and construction of production lines for high-end APIs" (including L-Carnosine, L-Alanyl-L-glutamine, glycyl-L-glutamine, glycyl-L-tyrosine, and eight amino acids) was publicised in order to solicit public opinions.

It was announced on 14 Oct. that the local environmental authority intended to approve the EI report of Tiger Biotech's 1,500 t/a creatine and 500 t/a guanidineacetic acid project. Additionally, the EI report of Tiger Biotech's 1,000 t/a GABA and 1,000 t/a alanine project was approved in mid-Sept.

On 21 Sept., the EI report of Huarong Biotech's "Project of National Synthetic Biology Technological Innovation Centre-Luoyang (R&D) Result Transformation Demonstration Base" (D-Serine, D-Tryptophan, R-3-Aminobutyric acid, and agmatine sulphate) was approved by the local environmental authority.

In early Oct., EI reports for the 2,000 t/a biofermentation-method L-asparagine API production project from Kaimisi New Material and the 100 t/a GABA project from Bicells were posted.

On 11 Oct., the acceptance publication of EI report of Chengdu Taiyue's "R&D project of high-end biomedicine raw materials and key intermediates (polypeptide APIs, protected amino acids, and unprotected amino acids)" was made by the local authority.

In Oct., ex-works threonine prices went up as a result of increased corn as well as soybean meal prices, plus growing downstream demand.

China's export volume of lysine, plus lysine ester and salt during Jan. to Aug. of 2022 climbed year on year. Over the past four years, the export volume of lysine ester and salt from China to Russia has been rising.

This newsletter will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire amino acid industry chain, from raw materials to end consumption. It includes breaking news from China and abroad, the latest market data (price, import & export, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.), in-depth analysis of market trends, and expert commentary from industry insiders.

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Market Analysis

Starlake Bioscience revises Eppen Biotech's acquisition proposal and releases Q3 earnings projection

Production plant of Qinhuangdao Huaheng's beta-Alanine project topped outChina Starch's revenue from lysine in H1 2022 rises by 31.21% YoY

Company Dynamics

Hubei Huntide: EI report of polypeptide and high-end API project publicised

EI report of Tiger Biotech's creatine and guanidineacetic acid project to be approved

EI report of Huarong Biotech's R&D result transformation project approved

Kaimisi New Material and Bicells to build 2,000 t/a L-asparagine project and 100 t/a GABA project

Chengdu Taiyue: EI report of biomedicine raw materials and key intermediates R&D project enters approval process

Price Update

The prices of major amino acid varieties in China, October 2022

Demand for threonine growing

Import and Export

Import and export data of five amino acid varieties in China, August 2022

Export volume of lysine & lysine ester and salt during Jan. to Aug. climbs YoY

News in Brief

Inner Mongolia Zhongxin: first-time EIA publication of 2,000 t/a chlorophenylglycine project

Ningxia Livzon to expand capacity for L-Phenylalanine

First-time EIA publication of Inner Mongolia Lingsheng's DL-Methionine project

Nanning Evonik to build capacity for two new keto acid varieties

All-Plus Biotech's R&D project of amino acid pharmaceutical intermediates and derivatives completed and accepted

First-time EIA publication of Yabang Chemical's 2,000 t/a creatine and derivatives project

Progress of Tongliao Meihua's threonine project

Debugging of Longxing Chemical's glycine project (Phase I) commences

Yongan Pharmaceutical obtains US patent

Fubang Biotech to discard three amino acids

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