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Kalorama Information Knowledge Center

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Kalorama Information Knowledge Center
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About the Knowledge Center

Kalorama Information's market research reports in diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other areas, totaling over 50,000 pages of market information, are available from one source, with full text searching capability. The Knowledge Center is utilized by top companies to draw up product lists, find relevant market data or sizing, research competitors or benchmark their own company's performance. Are you involved in multiple life science markets? Do you need quick access to data and analysis across a wide variety of topics or a deep-dive within a segment of the industry? Are you tired of searching for the right information source each time the need arises? If so, Kalorama Information has the right solution for you. Consult the Knowledge Center before your company makes any decisions in healthcare marketing.

The Knowledge Center Offers:

  • All of Kalorama's pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotech, medical device and healthcare research published since 1998
  • Full text searching capability of all content
  • A Global Site License, so all your employees have access on their computers
  • Tens of thousands of charts and tables present market data in a visually interesting and accessible way
  • Figures and tables that can be repurposed for internal memos, emails and reports
  • Boolean search functions and advanced search
  • Automatic alerts as new research is published
  • Usage by department or user data for internal administrators
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