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PUBLISHER: Teal Group Corporation | PRODUCT CODE: 1275666

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PUBLISHER: Teal Group Corporation | PRODUCT CODE: 1275666

Military Electro-Optical Systems Briefing

PUBLISHED: annual subscription
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Teal Group's “ Military Electronics Briefing ” is a monthly updated service covering more than 350 of the top US military electronics programs that are researched and analyzed-primarily "AN" designated systems, but other airborne, sea-based, vehicular, stand-alone systems too. All types of equipment are covered: electronic warfare, C3I, radar, sonar, electro-optics, avionics, fire control systems, computers, and many others. The reports are strategically grouped by program status to make finding opportunities peculiar to your business much easier. Sections include New Developments, Production Systems, and Upgrade & Support.

To be included in this service, an electronics program must be either under development or in production for a US requirement, or in the active US military inventory and garnering significant upgrade or support funding. Each program has an individual report that reflects the most recent activities. Reports are added to the service when new programs emerge; conversely, a program's report is removed when it is cancelled, production is completed or aftermarket funding (upgrade and support) dries up.

The ‘Electro-Optical Systems Briefing’ is a monthly updated service covering more than 250 major US military electro-optical programs, including airborne, naval/submarine-based, vehicular, and stand-alone/man-carried systems. Also included are markets/programs for unmanned systems. Reports are strategically grouped by program status to make finding opportunities for your business much easier. A section named Future Uncontracted Program Markets provides 10-year numerical funding forecasts for the top future market opportunities.

Table of Contents

Market Overviews

  • Airborne DIRCM Systems & Missile Warning Systems (MWS)
  • Soldier Vision: Sensor Fusion
  • UAV Sensors: Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Sensors

New Developments

  • Airship Sensors & Future Airship Sensors
  • AN/AQS-20A/C & AQS-24 & Future Naval MCM Systems
  • BMD & Future BMD Space-Based & Airborne EO/IR & C4I Systems
  • CIRCM & DAIRCM & SHiELD & Future Fast Jet DIRCM
  • C-RAM & Future IFPC (Indirect Fire Protection Capability) Systems
  • DB-110 & MS-110 LOROP Reconnaissance Systems
  • Electro-Optical Advanced Technology: Future Airborne Systems & Future UAV EO/IR Systems
  • Electro-Optical Advanced Technology: Future Ground & Naval Systems
  • EMARSS (Enhanced Medium Altitude Recon and Surveillance Sys.)
  • F-22 EO/IR Systems & Future F-22 EO/IR Systems
  • F-35 JSF EO/IR Systems (AN/AAQ-37 DAS & AAQ-40 EOTS)
  • Future CBRN Sensors & Systems
  • Future Low-Cost DIRCM & MWS Systems
  • Future USN Tac Recce System & Future USAF Tac Recce System
  • Future Vehicle ISR EO/IR & Future UGV EO/IR
  • Future Warrior Technology
  • Future Wide Field of View (WFOV) Night Vision Goggles
  • Global Hawk & Triton & Next-Gen HALE UAV EO/IR & Radars
  • HADES & Future Small Manned ISR Aircraft Sensors
  • Hyperspectral Imagery (HSI) Systems: US Navy/Army & Future HSI: Navy/Army
  • Hyperspectral Imagery (HSI) Systems: USAF & Future HSI: USAF
  • Image Intensification Systems & Future Night Vision Goggle-Next (NVG-N)
  • Laser Warning Receivers (LWRs) & Future LWR Systems
  • MAPS/VPS & Future Vehicle Protection Systems (VPS)
  • Nett Warrior & Future Soldier Systems
  • Radar Advanced Technology & Future Airborne Sense-And-Avoid (ABSAA) Systems & Future UAV Radars
  • SYERS (Senior Year EO Reconnaissance System) & MS-177
  • Wide Field of View (WFOV) Airborne EO/IR Sensors & Future WFOV Airborne Systems

Production Systems

  • Airborne EW Expendables
  • AN/AAQ-24(V) LAIRCM & Nemesis DIRCM
  • AN/AAQ-27(V) & AAQ-29(V) & AAQ-44(V)
  • AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening/Litening II/ER/AT/III
  • AN/AAQ-30 TSS & Harvest HAWK & AAQ-39 GMS2
  • AN/AAQ-33(V) Sniper ATP & Tiger Eyes
  • AN/AAS-42(V) & Navy/USAF IRST & Future IRST Systems
  • AN/AAS-44/52/53 MTS & AN/DAS-1/2/4/X MTS-B & AN/ZSQ-2 & CSP & Future MALE UAV & Manned EO/IR
  • AN/ALE-47(V)
  • AN/ALE-50(V)
  • AN/ALE-58(V) BOL EW Dispenser System
  • AN/ALQ-144(V)
  • AN/ALQ-212(V) ATIRCM & AN/AAR-57(V) CMWS & LIMWS & ATDS & Future Army Missile Warning Systems
  • AN/ASQ-228 ATFLIR (Advanced Tactical FLIR)
  • AN/BVS-1(V) Photonics Mast & BVY-1 ISIS & Future Submarine Mast Electronics
  • AN/PAS-13(V) TWS & Family of Weapons Sights (FWS)
  • AN/VAS-5 DVE & Future Driver's Vision Enhancers
  • ENVG & IVAS HUD & Future Soldier Sensor Fusion Programs
  • FLIR Systems, Inc. [Teledyne FLIR] Air EO/IR Sensors
  • FLIR Systems, Inc. [Teledyne FLIR] Naval EO/IR Sensors
  • Future Naval Ship EO/IR Sensor Systems
  • HTI Second Generation FLIR & Block I SGF & 3GEN FLIR & LRAS3 & NGCV/OMFV/RCV & CROWS-LP
  • Javelin CLU (Command Launch Unit) & Lightweight CLU
  • L3Harris WESCAM EO/IR Systems
  • RecceLite & Recce-U Tactical Reconnaissance Pods
  • TOW ITAS (Improved Target Acquisition System) & M41A4 Saber

Upgrade & Support

  • AN/AAQ-32 IFTS (Integrated FLIR Targeting System)
  • AN/ALE-45(V)
  • ATARS (Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System)
  • F-22 EW Suite (AN/ALR-94 & AAR-56 & ALE-52)
  • Mast Mounted Sight (MMS)
  • Night Hunter/EOSDS & Raven Eye EO/IR Sensors
  • NTS (Night Targeting System)
  • TARS (Theater Airborne Reconnaissance System) & ARS/AARS

Appendix 1

  • Appendix 1-Electronics Prime Contracts
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