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Daedal Research

Daedal-Research helps its clients in increasing the effectiveness of their decision-making by delivering research expertise and capacity. Every business utilizes research and analysis to support core activities. Managers and consultant are often looking for information to support decisions without any clue to where to go to get what they need. Daedal-Research is a pioneer in addressing these needs. The forte of Daedal Research lies in its ability to create reports on the Indian and other Asian markets that capture the essence of a specific industry. It also offers a focused approach to customized market research and findings. Daedal brings value to its clients through high quality research and analysis and helps them make strategic moves in the dynamic global market environment. We cater to a wide base of professionals in a variety of industries across the Asian continent, specially, and worldwide. Through our comprehensive research reports and customized research solutions we serve businesses across the healthcare and pharmaceutical, ICT, energy, telecommunications, chemicals, transportation, and consumer goods industries.