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PUBLISHER: Wood Mackenzie - Power & Renewables | PRODUCT CODE: 1373209

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PUBLISHER: Wood Mackenzie - Power & Renewables | PRODUCT CODE: 1373209

United States Battery Energy Storage Operations 2023

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Report Summary:

“The US battery energy storage operations report” summarizes the current state of storage operations, maintenance (O&M) and management as conducted in North American markets. This includes an examination of the O&M and management value chain, qualitative analysis of current industry trends, and quantitative assessment of costs, modelled using industry insights and Wood Mackenzie's unique supply chain data. Costs for O&M and management vary from project to project, but these projections represent a fair average among different business models and show the impact of trends affecting the industry in the short term. As of 2023, this is a recurring report, and compared to 2022 has updated cost data, expanded coverage of storage failures and fires, and improved analysis via linkage with other Wood Mackenzie storage reporting. The data accompanying the full report can be accessed via the link below.

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