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PUBLISHER: Gas Turbine World (Pequot Publishing, Inc.) | PRODUCT CODE: 1076726

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PUBLISHER: Gas Turbine World (Pequot Publishing, Inc.) | PRODUCT CODE: 1076726

2022-2031 Gas Turbine Market Forecast

PAGES: 68 Pages
DELIVERY TIME: 1-2 business days
PDF and Excel (Enterprise License)
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‘The annual Gas Turbine Market Forecast’ tracks new equipment sales (by OEMs and by GT Model) for 99% of industrial gas turbines sold annually, with power outputs ranging from 1MW to over 300MW. Produced in partnership with McCoy Power Reports and Dora Partners, our 10-year Gas Turbine Market Forecast is based on industry experience, unique database, current research, and in-depth expert analysis.

Scope of coverage:

Data on current market share (installed base) and projected sales by unit are presented for the following OEMs: GE Power, Siemens Energy, Mitsubishi Power, Ansaldo Energia, Baker Hughes, Solar Turbines, United Engine Corp, IHI Power Systems, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, KMPO, MAN Turbo, Zorya Mashproekt, Mapna, and Doosan.

Our Annual Market Forecast 2022-31 of Global Industrial Gas Turbine Sales includes the following datasets:

Executive Brief

  • Focus & Scope
  • Input & Output
  • Market Factors
  • Gas Turbine Attributes
  • Market Segments
  • Market Movement
  • Ten-Year Forecast EPU
  • Ten-Year Forecast O&G
  • Changing Energy Mix

Historical Perspective (2017-2021)

  • Global Orders
  • OEM Orders and Market Share
  • OEM Market Share for 2021
  • MW and Unit Orders
  • Orders by Region
  • Orders by Unit Size for 2021
  • Aeroderivative Sales Trends (5-Years, by Model)
  • Active Aeroderivative Fleet
  • Heavy Frame Sales Trends (5-Years, by Model)
  • Active Heavy Frame Fleet
  • Light Industrial Sales Trends (5-Years, by Model)
  • Active Light Industrial Fleet

Market Drivers

  • Related Market Factors
  • Renewables Impact
  • Coal Retirements Impact
  • Power Capacity Additions
  • Long-Term Trends by Technology
  • Long-Term Trends by Unit and MW Range
  • Long-Term by Geographic Region

Five-Year Outlook 2022-2026

  • Aeroderivative Orders (EPU and O&G sectors)
  • Heavy Frame Orders (EPU sector)
  • Heavy Frame Orders (O&G sector)
  • Light Industrial Orders (EPU and O&G sectors)
  • Baseline Forecast
  • Upside Forecast
  • Downside Forecast

OEM Profiles and 2021 Sales Performance

  • General Electric
  • Siemens Energy
  • Mitsubishi Power
  • Ansaldo Energia
  • Solar Turbines
  • UEC

Ten-Year Excel Data Analysis (2022-2031)

  • Baseline Market Forecast (EPU and O&G)
  • Upside Market Forecast (EPU and O&G)
  • Downside Market Forecast (EPU and O&G)

Research Scope:

GTW's Forecast Team tracks and analyzes market performance of key gas turbine OEMs who historically account for over 99 percent of industry orders. More than 50 interviews and hundreds of research hours each year go into producing the GTW Market Forecast.

What You Get:

PDF of 68-page market analysis and companion Excel files for baseline, upside and downside forecasts.



  • 1.1. Focus and Scope
  • 1.2. Input and Output
  • 1.3. Market Factors
  • 1.4. Gas Turbine Attributes
  • 1.5. Market Segments
  • 1.6. Market Movement
  • 1.7. Ten-Year Forecast
  • 1.8. Changing Energy Mix


  • 2.1. Global Orders
  • 2.2. OEM Orders
  • 2.3. MW and Unit Orders
  • 2.4. Aeroderivative Sales Trends
  • 2.5. Heavy Frame Sales Trends
  • 2.6. Light Industrial Sales Trends


  • 3.1. Related Market Factors
  • 3.2. Renewables Impact
  • 3.3. Coal Retirements Impact
  • 3.4. Power Capacity Additions
  • 3.5. Long Term Trends


  • 4.1. Aeroderivative
  • 4.2. Heavy frame
  • 4.3. Light Industrial
  • 4.4. Baseline Forecast
  • 4.5. Upside Forecast
  • 4.6. Downside Forecast


  • 5.1. General Electric
  • 5.2. Siemens Energy
  • 5.3. Mitsubishi Power
  • 5.4. Ansaldo Energia
  • 5.5. Solar Turbines
  • 5.6. United Engine Corporation
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