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Future of Customer Experience: How CX Services Providers Should Support CMOs with Generative AI

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This IDC Market Perspective is designed to help customer experience (CX) services vendors explain both the risks and the opportunities of generative AI to clients, focusing on its potential role to transform the marketing cycle. For CX services vendors, the opportunities to help clients include driving back-office and front-office productivity, driving better brand communication, accelerating creativity, and helping clients manage content across multiple channels and contexts. Vendors should also help clients manage generative AI-related risks, including financial and brand damage from offensive or inappropriate content, algorithm bias, inadvertent misuse of intellectual property, skill shortages, and over-personalization of communications. "Generative AI has the potential to drive broad and deep business change for organizations, but the risks could be as significant as the opportunities," said Douglas Hayward, research director, CX Services at IDC. "That means that services vendors have a huge opportunity - and indeed a duty - to guide clients through the upsides and the downsides and to help clients be both bold with the opportunities and cautious with the risks."

Product Code: US51262123

Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • Could Generative AI Actually Be "This Year's Metaverse"?
    • Generative AI Has Broader and Deeper Applicability than the Metaverse, Making It a Potentially Foundational Technology
    • Generative AI's Breadth Is the Key Difference Versus the Metaverse
  • Generative AI and IDC's Future of Customer Experience Model
  • Generative AI Adds an Element of Creativity to Classic AI-Based Automation
  • What Can Generative AI Do for CX Services Providers and Their CMO Clients?
  • What Are the Main Risks in Generative AI That CX Services Vendors Should Warn CMOs and CIOs About?

Advice for the Services Provider

  • Advice for CX Services Providers Selling Generative AI-Related Services to CMOs and CIOs

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