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What Should Chief Marketing Officers Seek from Customer Experience Services Vendors in 2024?

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This IDC Perspective highlights the importance of having positive customer experience (CX) that could set a business apart from its competitors, especially in a very crowded market. In the era defined by data, personalization, and data-driven decision making, chief marketing officers (CMOs) must equip their businesses with the right strategy to win the hearts of customers by understanding the trends that shape CX. The existing emerging technologies must enable driving their CX initiatives and efforts in providing positive customer journeys."Although technology would play a big role in developing and achieving positive CX, finding the right partner in implementing emerging technologies is essential. Partnering with a CX SP that understands your goal and can translate it into actionable initiatives could catapult your business toward the right direction," says Stallone Hangewa, Research Manager for Digital CX, IDC Asia/Pacific."Choosing the right partner for CX transformation is paramount because your partner serves as architects of consumer satisfaction and loyalty. A strategic alliance ensures seamless execution and sustainable growth in the ever-evolving landscape of customer expectations. Fortunately, business leaders are spoilt for choice in terms of vendors within the space in which the market is vibrant and competitive," says James Sivalingam, Senior Program Manager, Digital CX, IDC Asia/Pacific.

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Situation Overview

  • The Current Landscape of Customer Experience Services
    • Market Analysis
      • Wipro
      • Tata Consultancy Services
      • Merkle
      • Market Size and Growth
    • Technologies Driving CX Services
      • AI and ML
      • CDP
      • Automation
    • Key Challenges Faced by Chief Marketing Officers in CX
      • Cost
      • Customer Churn
      • Competition
    • Essential Criteria for CMOs When Choosing CX Services Vendors
    • Emerging Trends and Technologies Shaping CX Services in 2024
      • Personalization at Scale
      • Voice-Of-The-Customer Analytics
      • Omni-Channel CX
      • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in CX
      • Trust and Transparency
      • Sustainability and Ethical CX Practices
  • Case Studies and Examples of Successful CX Implementations
    • IKEA's AR-Enabled Mobile App for a Better Shopping Experience
    • DIVA, a Digital Factory, Enhances Passenger Experience at Changi Airport
    • Revitalizing Telekom Malaysia's Brand Through an Omni-Channel Customer Strategy

Advice for the Technology Buyer

  • Recommendations for CMOs
    • Finding the Right Vendor
    • Strategies for Implementing CX Services
    • Find Ways to Measure Success and ROI

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