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PUBLISHER: Parks Associates | PRODUCT CODE: 1020009

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PUBLISHER: Parks Associates | PRODUCT CODE: 1020009

Interoperability & Generative AI: Next Generation Smart Home UI

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A unified smart home experience is the holy grail of convenience and value for consumers, but fragmentation and interoperability issues plague the smart home ecosystem. This report evaluates consumer preferences for smart home control and UI, trends in interoperability and standards, such as Matter, and the expected impact of generative AI on smart home controls. It includes a 5-year forecast of the installed base of smart home devices in the United States.


Key Questions:

  • Why will Matter and generative AI shift interface strategies for device makers and service providers?
  • What limits surround Matter's ability to improve the smart home experience?
  • How will the emergence of generative AI affect today's voice-driven control agents?
  • How can device makers differentiate using emerging user interface features?
  • How will broadening device suites affect service provider competition?


"There is hope for a more unified smart home experience as two disruptions enter the industry. The first is Matter. The second is generative AI," said Ross Rubin, Sr. Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates.

Table of Contents

Bottom line

Control and Interoperability Landscape

  • Progress in home control and automation
  • Smart home device ownership doubles in 5 years
  • The smart home ecosystem grows broader
  • Smart home inhibitors: value, privacy, interoperability
  • Adjacencies build supply-side momentum

Market Outlook: Controls, Data Security, Generative AI

  • While interface diversity will continue, user experience will improve
  • Matter tackles device setup and security
  • Matter bridges ecosystem chasms
  • Differentiating User Experience via Generative AI

Market Outlook: 5 Year Forecast

  • Market Barriers
  • Market Drivers

Implications & Recommendations

  • Put Matter on the roadmap but plan for a lengthy rollout.
  • Service providers must respond to Matter's double-edged sword
  • Implement generative AI to add value and differentiate


List of Figures

  • Average Number of Connected Devices per US Internet Household
  • Home Automation Standards, X10 to Matter
  • Smart Home Device Ownership, 2015-2023
  • Opportunities and Threats of Smart Home User Experience Stakeholders
  • Smart Home Device Purchase Inhibitors
  • Matter and Generative AI: Countervailing Market Forces
  • Primary Control Method of Smart Home Devices
  • Top 3 Reasons for Smart Home Device Returns
  • Smart Home Products - Data Privacy and Security Concerns
  • Must Used Smart Home Device Control Platform
  • Ecosystem Integration as a Purchase Consideration for Smart Home Products
  • Smart Speaker or Smart Display Ownership, 2016-2023
  • Smart Home Devices: Perception of Affordability
  • US Forecast - Core Smart Home Product Unit Sales, 2019-2027
  • US Forecast - Core Smart home Product Revenues, 2019-2027
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