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PUBLISHER: Additive Manufacturing Research | PRODUCT CODE: 1396212

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PUBLISHER: Additive Manufacturing Research | PRODUCT CODE: 1396212

Metal Parts Produced 2023: Global Market Data & Forecast

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This database and tracks volumes of metal additive manufactured parts produced today across numerous key industries, including parts produced by various AM service providers as well as private OEMs and suppliers in each market, split among the currently identified and expected future leading use cases for various metal AM technologies.

The “Metal Parts Produced” database is updated on annual basis and is available as a one-time or subscription purchase. The database is fully customizable, allowing for the purchase of individual data segments and subsets.

Users of this product will have access to forecast projections and current-day estimates of the volumes and total market value of all metals based parts produced via AM in a given industry, within various print technologies, material types, and, most importantly, part functionality and type. Those stakeholders with an interest in evaluating various key use cases for specific types of AM technology, AM materials, or broader end-user markets, will be able to utilize this database to help identify market strategies to guide product development and go-to-market in the ever growing world of additive.

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