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Global EV and Battery Monthly Tracker

PUBLISHED: 12 issues / year
PAGES: Monthly
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The world's only global monthly electric vehicle and electric vehicle sales DB

Market analysis report and analysis tool based on more than 11,000 electric vehicle models and battery sales database in 76 countries worldwide

Reflecting data on Chinese commercial vehicles and passenger cars, the largest market in the world

Interest in the electric car market is rapidly increasing, as electric cars with a price level of more than 300km and a price level of about $ 30,000, similar to gasoline vehicles, will be on the market in 2017. The electric car market is growing rapidly to 3.70 million units in 2017 and 4.71 million units in 2018. By region, China is leading the electric car market with government policies, and developed markets such as Europe and North America are also being activated.

In addition, major countries in the world have recently announced major policies for carbon dioxide reduction in response to climate change, and have been making efforts to improve automobile fuel efficiency and to overhaul the automobile fuel economy in advanced countries such as the United States, Europe, China and Japan. In particular, the Netherlands and Norway have been pushing for the ban on the sale of internal combustion engines since 2025, and countries are actively promoting eco-friendly cars. Accordingly, demand for electric cars is expected to increase further.

In this report, we are analyzing the detailed sales history of electric vehicles sold worldwide and the rechargeable battery battery trends, which are core parts of electric vehicles, at the present time, which is expected to change dramatically in the global auto market. Currently, about 176 battery companies providing batteries for electric vehicles are able to understand monthly sales by vehicle maker and model, battery type and capacity.

Soon, this report will be the only one in the world not only in Korea but also in the global market for battery and electric vehicle sales.

In particular, the Chinese market provides sales and battery purchasing trends for major electric buses and electric trucks in China, such as Yutong, BYD and Zhongtong, which are expected to grow significantly in the future.

Research range

  • Global electric vehicle sales target continents and countries: 76 countries, 7 continents around the world
  • Global electric vehicle group and automobile companies: 121 automobile groups, 339 electric vehicle sales companies
  • Global electric car battery supplier: total 176 rechargeable battery suppliers
  • Electric vehicle types: BEV, PHEV, and HEV

Delivery Method

  • Excel pivot table report: allows various database analysis
  • Result of previous month would be collected and provided on the last day of the month.

Analysis result summary

The results of analysis based on the results of DB aggregation are briefly summarized as follows:

Product Code: 91

Table of Contents

1. Monthly sales trend of Electric Vehicles - Type, Country, Continents, Group, Maker (OEM), Models

2. Monthly usage trends of electric vehicle batteries - Battery Supplier, Type, Chemical

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