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Freedonia Group

The Freedonia Group is recognized as a premier international market research firm with reliable and unbiased analysis for over 35 years. They have well-established historical data for industries covered, with continuously updated economic indicators, product-level and market-specific analysis, primary research, and proprietary consumer surveys to provide the best market estimates possible. The Freedonia Group industry studies are data-rich, off-the-shelf market research reports which offer comprehensive views of major US and global industries as well as specific products and markets. They rely on in-house economists, analysts, and editors to produce high-quality reports including market size and segmentation, growth drivers and market environment, historical data and forecasts in 5-year and year-by-year increments, regulatory and technology developments, competitive market share and profiles of key suppliers, graphs and tables to help visualize trends, with data-driven analysis of consumer attitudes, habits, and priorities.