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Tarifica has been the leading provider of telecom pricing information for close to four decades. We built and maintain the most robust, in-depth and up-to-date pricing database in the industry, which includes mobile and fixed line rates from providers in 81 countries, as well as historical data going back to 1997. In total, our databases contain over two million individual data points of current pricing information. Subscribers include operators, regulators, enterprises and consultants. Tarifica also produces reports, surveys and custom analyses for clients in every region of the globe. Those clients have come to rely on us for timely and accurate information that can be used in support of important expense-saving or revenue-generating initiatives. Tarifica’s mission is to help its clients make decisions based on insightful, actionable data. We are able to fulfill this mission, in part, because of our long-standing relationships with participants from every facet of the telecom industry. Moreover, all of our products and services are backed by a staff of leading analysts and consultants who provide expert analyses, market briefings and valuable advice to clients worldwide.